Through Crypto Exchange

No matter where you decide to purchase Bitcoin, the first thing you should do is set up a Bitcoin Wallet, to be able to store your funds. You can do this on either of the crypto exchanges where Bitcoin is bought. This process is done via debit card or wire transfer. To set up the Bitcoin wallet, you can visit any of the following sites and choose any of the available BTC wallets, while following the instructions:

  1. Kraken -
  2. KABRA -
  3. BitStamp -
  4. CoinBase -
  5. Coinmama -

At Bitcoin ATMs

Alternatively, Bitcoins are also available on certain ATMs. You should look for the ATM which supports the Bitcoin. Not sure how to do it? There is a convenient tool called Coin ATM Radar that helps you locate the nearest Bitcoin-friendly ATM. Once you are there, it would require you to deposit cash into the ATM. Next, you would need to scan the code on the screen. For this you should use your phone's Bitcoin wallet scanner (acquired upon installing the wallet – mentioned above), after which the funds should appear in your wallet.


To deposit using Bitcoin, you would need an open account at Casino Brango and the established Bitcoin Wallet with funds on it. First, log into your casino account and go to the Cashier. Among deposit options, choose Bitcoin, and then the amount you wish to deposit. The minimum accepted deposit is the BTC equivalent of US$10. After you do this, the Bitcoin address will appear on your screen, along with a QR code. At this point, you can copy this address.

Now, simply log into your wallet and go to the “Send” section. There you can paste the Bitcoin address generated on your screen. The other way to do it is to scan the previously generated QR code with your mobile phone. Once you are sure you have done everything right, click “Send” and expect to see the money on your Casino Brango account shortly afterwards.

You are all set to start playing at this point! At any moment, you are free to contact our industry-leading 24/7 Customer Service Team. They will be happy to help with anything you need!


The beauty of it all is that this step requires the minimum engagement from your side. Simply, make a request for a withdrawal, stating the amount and the preferred method. Make sure to confirm the Bitcoin address where the funds should be sent (be aware that you shouldn't use the same address from which you have deposited previously). This is the address that you can see in your wallet's "Receive" section.

The rest is up to our casino operators to do what they do best and get the money to you instantly!

For more details on depositing and withdrawing rules, please visit our “Terms and Conditions” page.


Although there are many benefits of using Bitcoin, we can sum up the key points to speed, safety and anonymity as the most important ones. Using Bitcoin simplifies your online activities in general, and especially when online gaming is concerned. It allows you to both start playing and withdraw the money instantly. The best part of it is that it comes at low-cost.

It Protects Your Anonymity

Bitcoin transactions are secure. To use them to the utmost privacy, make sure that you store the passwords to your wallets safely, preferably offline. On the other hand, all transaction IDs are unique and extremely difficult to temper with.

Allows for Instant payouts

It is important to understand that only when using cryptos for depositing, you can expect to be able to withdraw the money instantly. To complete your transactions the process takes minutes as opposed to days when using traditional banking methods. Moreover, the very process of depositing and withdrawing is simplified to the extent that anyone can handle it with proper instructions, which we have provided above.

The Service is Low-Cost

There are no high bank charges or transaction fees that eat up significant percentage of your funds. With Bitcoin, the so-called “intermediary” is the miner responsible for confirming the transaction. The costs depend on how fast the transaction is confirmed. However, even the slowest transaction does not take long and counts in minutes up to approximately half an hour. Be aware, though, that the processing time depends on the payment processor for the jurisdiction of the player.