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Is Gaming a Pleasure Or a Skill?

By February 8, 2019November 2nd, 2022No Comments

The ultimate question which each gamer asks himself is whether gaming is considered pleasure or skill.

Gaming as pleasure

People have been gaming in different ways and forms ever since the dawn of society, as we know it. There are only a few things that can produce such satisfaction as winning. And one thing is certain: you will barely find a person who has no opinion whatsoever regarding gaming. We think of it as a form of pleasure.

In ancient Greece, the philosophers argued whether pleasure and satisfaction are considered the greatest ideals. Long-lasting satisfaction was considered to be the effect caused by the stillness of the soul or mental peace, as we would refer to it today. So, the question is: what causes satisfaction?

Gaming as skill

There are people who know gaming makes them feel superior and in control of the situation. This is hedonism at its best! It is a skill that puts you in a position to rule. Rule over the odds, the other players, the house, the luck. No one likes to be a slave to the circumstances and other people. “We should not limit ourselves in pleasures “, thought the ancient philosophers. However, we should also have a duty to accept whatever the destiny holds for us, be it pure pleasure or hardship.

The one thing that preserved till today is the funny fact that all of us like to enjoy life.  The essence of living is bliss and happiness, and all of us strive for it, at work, at school, in our relationships, during our free time… We often gamble in order to obtain these ideals. Even when we fail, we like the thought that we were brave enough to try.

Let us know what causes your gambling satisfaction? Is it the intensity, the drive, the fruitfulness, or simply the game itself? We would like to hear your thoughts.

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