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Take a Glance at Cubeeland With New RTG Slot “The Cubee”

By February 13, 2019April 23rd, 2021No Comments

If you dreamed about gaming without boundaries RTG has for you really nice surprise. New game “The Cubee” is something completely different from all you are used to playing.

This slot game hasn’t the traditional reels and paylines and your main goal is to help Cubee defeat his enemies during the time travel adventure. You can collect Cannons and Bows & Arrows which you will be able to translate into free games and multipliers once you and Cubee safely make it back to Cubeeland. You can use Club, Spade, or Axe as a weapon.

real time slotCubee will travel through time from the stone age to the Era Of Piracy and finally to the Viking Age, passing from one era to another upon defeating his Arch-Enemy. When you click the spin button it displayed the time travel portal spew out a combination of 8 floating enemies, weapons and power balls. Cubee can defeat any enemy with a lower or equal strength level. Every power ball coming out of the time travel portal will power up Cubee’s strength by 1 level for the game round. When Rocco is defeated, Cubee will transition to the next era.

Free games can be collected in the Era of Piracy every time a Cannon appears, while Multipliers can be accumulated in the Viking Age every time a Bow and Arrow appear.

In Cubeeland, where Rocco cannot set foot, no weapons come out of the Portal, thus increasing the chances of higher paying winning combinations.

Every bet amount has its own progress saved. The more enemies Cubee defeats per spin the higher the payouts.

Join Cubee in his mission to rescue the Stone Age, the Era of Piracy and even the Viking Age from Rocco and his cronies!

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