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The Indian Tribe Holds Control Over Blackjack in Florida

By February 17, 2019April 23rd, 2021No Comments

On the heels of Florida voting to put the gambling industry in the hands of the voters, Florida just may get its new bill approving gambling and sports betting. Additionally, the bill can be introduced, but it cannot become law, until residents of Florida vote for it and demands of this one Indian tribe are met.

The president of Florida Senate, Bill Galvano, reportedly confirmed that the bill he will soon introduce would cover not just the approval of gambling, but all other aspects as well. Namely, “more of a comprehensive impact on the pari-mutuels, from tax rates to hours of operations”, according to

On the other hand, there is Seminole tribe, known as the “unconquered” Indian tribe, with rich cultural heritage. Their members are proud to be national leaders among American Indian tribes. Will they endure to function in the mainstream economy? Self-perseverance is hardly possible without participation in modern economy.

Just as a reminder, Florida signed a contract with Seminole tribe back in 2010, which is about to expire in May.  Provisions of this contract are now being reconsidered. The current contract stipulates Florida should receive a certain amount of revenue from the casinos operated by the tribe, while the tribe holds complete control over blackjack in the state. Previously, the state of Florida considered giving additional games and locations to the Seminole tribe.

The officials said that they were looking for the solution acceptable to all parties involved. Galvano also reportedly stated that he expected the tribe to argue for control over the sports gambling industry, as well as for the ability to add more table games, including craps and roulette. It has been estimated that the upcoming contract should secure Florida with approximately $3 billion in revenue for 7 years validity of the contract.

It was left for us to see how this story will unfold after March 5th  this year, upon starting of the new legislative session in Florida.

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