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Meet One of The Fastest Bikes in The World

By February 23, 2019July 31st, 2019No Comments

Freedom is the word most people use to describe hitting the road on two wheels. However, true bikers believe there are no words to describe the feeling. They say that nothing can compare to bike lines that converge with your body. If it is a vintage model, at least visually, even the better. However, as most of the bikers go for speed, we feel the need to mention one of the fastest bikes, Dodge Tomahawk.

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I am not a biker and the thought of riding extremely fast motorbikes makes my head spin. However, looking at them as state-of-the-art models draws everyone’s attention. Such bikes form a large part of the biking identity. That identity and the entire subculture intrigues people as it penetrates the entire background, environment as well as the biker’s personality. Therefore, biking is so much more than simply the form of artistic expression. Bikers live and breathe the exhilaration of speed and adrenaline, leaving behind the landscapes to fade away, as well as worries and everyday thought-provoking situations.

Back to our fast and elegant motorbike model. “Extreme” is the word to describe this machine in its entirety. Another question that comes to mind is:” Why would anyone want to test its 350mph speed?” Then again, thats just me, being a non-biker and in a way, admiring the bravery.

Apart from 8277cc, 10 valves, this so-called “superbike” has a four-stroke engine, and four wheels and each of the wheels has its own suspension. It also features two-speed manual toe shift and traditional chain and sprocket system. Dodge Tomahawk has throttle intake and a cooling system which is placed behind the intake manifold. It can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 1.75 seconds.

That being said, it is not a surprise it was not fully certified for the public use on the roads across the USA. It would be good to know whether there is a protection gear strong enough to keep the biker from possible serious injuries. However, the very fact it was designed, and that it works while at the same time looking extremely strong and elegant, is truly amazing and worth the divination.

Is speed your thing as well as the smell of engine oil? What drives you?

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