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Positive Impacts Online Gaming Has on Learning

By February 28, 2019July 31st, 2019No Comments

Everything happens online. Virtual world steadily becomes reality. As such, online world impeccably reflects our inner thoughts, desires, interests, and skills. Have you ever thought of analyzing the way you play games? Oddly, this can tell you what you are capable of and what kind of job would suit you best.  And on top of that, online game can teach you a lot of cool stuff and enhance your learning capabilities.

Using The Resources

Some gamers pride themselves in their gaming achievements. Others still have to acknowledge their skills and become aware of their capabilities. Through the entire process, learning is the key value we accept, whether consciously or not. Believe it or not, there is a psychological phenomenon called “state of flow”. It is used to describe an extreme focus on a task, which causes sense of happiness. At that point, a gamer activates all of his or her skills and elevates them to match the challenge. All this happens completely unconsciously. What this tells us is that we are capable of identifying with the game surroundings and characters, and at the moment we are in this “state of flow”, we basically ignore the real-life aspects and rules. In other words, we summon up all our real-life resources to act in a virtual reality. We can all agree that focus on problem-solving and being persistent in it is something every good employer would appreciate. Additionally, this is one of the most precious lessons to learn in life, and it is seldom tackled in conventional learning systems.

Real-Life Simulation

If we take a closer look at online games, all of them possess two very important components. One is a simulation of various situations (where sometimes a gamer uses the resources, he did not even know he had in him) and the other being the pure joy of playing.

In case you are a fan of interactive games, your learning capabilities would be widened, and the chances are the newly accepted information would stay with you much longer than in case of conventional learning or training. The reason lies in the fact that such games simulate real situations and demand from you to make choices in order to solve them. Researchers have proved that the impressions we develop when confronted directly with either good or bad things stay deeply engraved in our brains.

Causing a feeling of pleasure or joy is a big plus. Acquiring knowledge of any kind should be subject to excitement. However, it is usually not. Learning and discovering our talents can be a rocky road. This is where gaming steps in, making the entire process fun. And when we engage in fun activities, we increase our productivity levels.


Game-based learning is at the center of serious researches which focus mainly on its application in informal education. However, results show that gaming benefits other aspects of life as well. For years we have all been victims of various prejudices. Gamers were considered weirdos, eccentrics and introverts. However, apart from being able to advance intellectually, gamers form online communities that are more live than ever. People connect on different levels and interests.    

On the other hand, we should also keep in mind that once we get to know our potentials and latent capabilities and preferences, we would be able to plan the future more constructively. And when we are satisfied with the work we do, because it fulfills us and boosts our self-esteem, happiness is but a step away.


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