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Ways to Save Money and Earn Extra Cash

By March 7, 2019May 21st, 2019No Comments

Money. Lets face it: as much as we have it, it is never enough. We like the very thought of it, as much as we like the feeling of the power it brings. While we all like to spend it, we also like to pile it up. Saving money can be a hard thing to do if you are a great spender. Lets try to master the art of not just saving money but earning extra cash as well.

Make your savings accounts automated

A lot of people have difficulties putting money aside once they have a certain sum at their disposal. Experts say that it would be a good thing to put your savings aside in advance.  This actually means that you should decide on the sum you put aside every month and make the transfer from your checking to your savings account the very moment the money lands on your account. We also heard of a great tip: asking your employer to deposit a certain sum to your savings.

When you save money, better do it online

The main advantage of online savings is that it allows you to collect higher percentage on savings annually. This way of saving is also more convenient because it allows you to withdraw your money instantly, whenever you want, because there is no period of locked-in funds, like in many banks.  Speaking of online treasured funds, have you considered bitcoin or any other crypto?

For every item you buy, try selling one

Stacking up stuff in your home causes anxiety in some people. Furthermore, this is a great way to reimburse the money to your wallet. And with plenty of platforms for online sales, it has never been easier to sell the goods, whether used or new.

Try finding a side-job

Well, there is rarely money without putting some efforts in earning it. In case you are a younger person, the variety of available jobs is fantastic. And it can be fun too, even if you are an older citizen. Younger people can quickly adapt to jobs in tourism, hospitality, sales, tutoring, running errands for older or disabled people, etc. Older people can engage in activities which are less physically demanding, such as participating in focus groups, for example, or become a food tester, or try freelance writing. The possibilities are immense. Breaking your daily routine is always refreshing. If it allows you to earn some extra cash it can be rewarding as well.

Consider renting spaces

There are people who have an extra space which is left unused and collecting dust. This is a great potential for earning money. Whether it is a cabin, an apartment or a garage, you can always put it into use and earn some cash while practically not doing much.

Think of health savings account

If you are thinking ahead, and plan to contribute to your health savings, do not hesitate. You can leave it there for a longer period of time and use it when needed. And everyone needs these funds, sooner or later. Plus, there are certain tax benefits related to health savings, depending on the state you live in.

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