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It has been decades since John Grays ground-breaking book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”. Readers all over the world read it, and nodded their heads, as the author proved to be a good connoisseur of both sexes, putting communication issues at the center of his narrative. Most of the therapists went from there, and soon the media was filled with advice from therapists who made the man-woman relationship a rocket science. Eventually, it all comes to a few basic facts. We differ in so many ways. However, the common denominator between sexes could be the need to be loved and understood. In order to achieve that, we raise the stakes, we gamble, and we invest our time and energy into what could potentially be the love of our life. So, how to recognize the signs of break-up and the moment when something goes wrong?

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Playing the Game of Guessing

The main premise is that both men and women wish to keep love alive, but not everyone is aware of the fact that in order to do so, a person needs to show the emotion. Communication is not only verbal. Great part of it consists of gestures.

Now, disconnection happens once the partners do not listen carefully to one another. Sometimes, a man is willing to do absolutely everything for his woman, but he simply needs guidance, someone to draw a map and tell him to step by step what he should do. On the other hand, women are more inclined to expect that a man guesses secret wishes and desires. If this does not happen, they send hints. And if that does not result in what a woman has planned, she gets hurt and angry, while a man is left puzzled.   

Dear men, the good news is that there is a solution to every problem. The ultimate advice we can give you is start worrying if your woman keeps silent. There is hope if she keeps nagging, and getting angry from time to time, and wants to “have a talk”. Once she decides enough is enough, you will start getting the silent treatment. Psychologists say that the “silent treatment” is a passive-aggressive mechanism which a person uses when he or she is hurt, but unable to express the feelings. It can be a powerful means of manipulation as well. However, you will most likely want to avoid reaching this stage in a relationship.

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Massive Turn Over

We have some words of wisdom for men. In case you ever find yourself in a situation when you do not understand what a woman wants from you, and you can see that she is unhappy with something, talk! Do not be afraid to let her know that you were unable to read her mind and that you would do whatever it takes to follow her hints if she makes them more obvious.

Ladies, a piece of advice from the professionals: try giving your man a break. If he honestly cares for you, he is most probably doing the best he can. Everyone needs time to tune in. And above all, do not run away from talking to your partner.  Yes, no one likes to hear the words:” We need to talk”. But, hey, would you like to hear: “I think it’s time to take a break from each other” instead?

Both sexes often overlook the fact that you can always leave. No matter what happens, if you are unable to resolve the issues, you can always run for your life. However, make sure you do not regret not doing your best to try to salvage your relationship.  Stay loved and safe!

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