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Top – Secret and Restricted Places of Vital Interests

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There are places in this world that are kept from public eye, and as such raise interest and attract curious enthusiasts to investigate. Some of those places are off-limits, while other are accessible and breathtaking. We bet we can never know the exact list of such locations, but we like to explore. Join us and take a look on top – secret and restricted places.

Vatican Library, Vatican

The Vatican Library is probably the largest archive in the world, and a host to numerus secrets. Some records show that there are over 35,000 volumes of catalogued documents. There are ancient scripts that have never been revealed, as well as more contemporary ones, which -if published- could change the world we live in. Due to its importance and highly secretive character, the mentioned material is kept under extremely safety measures. We can only wonder…

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

Svalbard secret vault is carved some 500 feet into the side of a mountain in Norway. Some people believe that it contains resources in case of a doomsday. It has been reported that the vault itself is designed to keep some 4.5 million types of seed of great variety.  And again, the place is restricted for visits. The vault is very tightly guarded, and only small number of people is allowed to enter. All this raises interest and provokes conspiracy theorists to wonder whether there is more than actually meets the eye.


Metro2, Russia

The first reference to this secret metro line appeared in 1992 novel whose author claimed that the setting of the novel was real. So far, no one has either confirmed or denied the rumors. What we know from various theorists is that this mysterious single-track metro line was supposedly built by Stalin, to connect the buildings in Kremlin, the Federal Security Service and the airport. There have been certain comments in 2004 by former government officials, claiming there used to be a train line connecting Kremlin with the Stalin’s house outside the city. Do you think that if it exists, anyone would be allowed to see it?


Tomb of Qin Shi Huang, China

Maybe you have heard about the clay army in life size? However, do you know what exactly this army is guarding? Archeologists found this place back in 1974. Terracotta soldiers surround the main tomb of the 3rd century BC emperor Qin Shi Huang. What is interesting is the fact that each soldier was carved with intention to have different facial expressions and not to resemble the one standing next to him. The artists also paid attention to weapons and intentionally used different kinds. The ultimate reason why this place is on our list, apart from being simply artistically beautiful, is the fact that once again, this is the place which is partially restricted for visitors. Namely, visitors have access to a large part of the terracotta soldiers and the artifacts found there. However, researchers believe that the emperor Qin Shi Huang was buried with treasure, and hence the presence of the large number of soldiers. The official notification said that restriction is due to respect for the burial site.

Coca-Cola Vault, USA

Apart from Fort Knox, Coca-Cola vault in Atlanta, Georgia is probably the most guarded place on earth. People can visit the outside of the vault, but no one can enter. The secret recipe to almost everyone’s favorite beverage has been kept for more than a century.

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