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Young Youtubers Positively Influencing the World

By March 14, 2019July 31st, 2019No Comments

Ah, the YouTube. A world of its own where everything is possible. It has been almost a decade since the reality of most of the young people has shifted to YT. So far, we have concluded that people love to interact with their peers, listening and watching the content which is close to their age interest group. In other words, they need a shelter of their own, and digital world provides that. The phenomenon has turned into multi-billion $ business, putting advertisers on spotlight, and winning over significant number of subscribers and attracting sufficient number of views. So, who are the people behind the screen, who earn large amounts of cash by sharing their thoughts and providing instant amusement, being larger than any mainstream star? And, does it end there, or do they have much deeper positive impact on a society? We were pleasantly surprised at how many of them donated to charity, or better yet – called their fans to action and influenced a good cause. These are but a few of the big youtubers.

Molly Burke – Canadian born beauty and lifestyle influencer, and an amazingly strong young woman. She is approaching the “modest” number of 2 million subscribers. Molly was chosen for our list because she is a true inspiration for young people dealing with any kind of disability. She reportedly entered the world of motivational speaking at a very young age of 5, and today she is a true sensation. Molly posts videos about beauty tricks, fashion, everyday tips. However, she drew attention by posting very honest, raw material about being blind in this extremely engaging world.

Bethany Mota – the American video blogger with over 10 million subscribers has gained her place on our list because of her support for the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association, as well as for her care about the needs of children from vulnerable categories. She also participated in talks about anti-bullying as part of National Bullying Prevention Month, a few years ago. All these are crucial topics in every young adults life. Bethany Mota is also the ambassador to Kid Power Champion with UNICEF Kid Power program. She became famous by posting haul videos a way back. She continued dealing with topics such as beauty and fashion tips, DIY, recipes, and developed her own fashion line. Below is the version of a cute short song she made up out of the hateful comments she received:

PewDiePie – aka Felix Kjellberg – the inevitable Swedish sensation, approaching the number of almost 90 million subscribers. Now, that is what we call an audience!  Somewhat controversial star has shown that he is socially and environmentally aware, by raising the incredible amount of over $1 million for various charities such as World Wildlife Fund, St. JudeSave the Children, and Charity: Water. The following is one of his rare “serious” posts, discussing mainstream media and the freedom which Internet provides:

Zoella – aka Zoe Sugg – the UK fashion blogger who raised the bar a bit higher by sharing her personal story related to mental health, anxiety especially. The posts are aimed at younger audience and it is amazing that this young woman managed to draw attention to serious topics close to the hearts of many teenagers while at the same time showing off as someone obsessed with shopping and light subjects. To the best of our knowledge, she acted  as a digital ambassador for the mental health charity Mind and she participated in Sir Bob Geldof’s Band Aid 30 song to fight Ebola. Ms. Sugg is also dedicated to helping young adults fighting cancer, and she has been associated with Stroke Association and Trekstock.

Have you ever done something to inspire other people to do the same and spread the inspiration?

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