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The Most Extraordinary Places on Earth

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Human hand has built so many interesting, complicated, artistically beautiful objects. A man has always struggled to build something of higher importance or usage. Although he succeeded to certain extent, the structures made by men can never overcome the beauty of naturally formed wonders. However, most of those wonderful, mesmerizing places are left unseen and untouched. And there are places barely known for its mysterious nature and secrets they hide. Let us walk you through. Enjoy!

Lake Baikal, Russia

lke baikal siberia

The very fact that this is the deepest and oldest lake in the world, holding 20% of world’s fresh water resources makes this place extraordinary. It is also a home to authentic and unique species. The maximum depth is app. 1642 m, while the surface is said to be 31.500 km². The lake contains 27 islands. Its age has been estimated to somewhere between 25 and 35 million years. Need we say more?

Heard Island, Australia

australia places

Heard Island is a mysterious place in the middle of the ocean, between Australia and Antartica. The Australian government has prohibited any visit to this place. The island is believed to be home to animals no one has ever seen, and the information about the wildlife there is kept a secret. All that we know about the islandic living creatures is that the species there are unique to that region. The Heard Island is also a home to what is believed to be the tallest mountain in Australia, as well as two active volcanoes and glaciers. It has been recorded that a number of expeditions had tried to obtain information about this island from the distance, but so far, no one has set a foot on it.

Djavolja Varos (Devils Town), Serbia

devils town serbia

This place of a colorful name is located on mount Radan, near the town of Kursumlija in the south of Serbia. The 200 stone formations are between 2 and 15 meters high, and up to 3 meters wide. It is interesting that they also have strange caps look-alike formations on the top. Similar objects were found in the Alps, as well as in the USA. However, none of them is this large and found in this quantity. This is also the reason why this locality was highly ranked in running up for the place on the list of the worlds’ new seven wonders. Apart from stone objects, the place also features two springs with extremely high levels of minerals, believed to heal.

According to one of the legends, the stone formations were created when God punished the wedding guests who were on their way to join brothers and sisters hands in marriage.

Another legend tells the story of a witch who used to grant wishes and ask something in return. The petrification occurred when those 200 people refused to thank her and fulfil her wishes. Either way, the locals believe that higher force left the stones as a reminder that every sin would eventually be punished.

Surtsey Island, Iceland

surtsey island ireland

This island is believed to be one of the newest lands on Earth. Controlled by the government of Iceland, Surtsey is off limits to public. It has been formed after the volcanic eruption in 1965, and since the land rich in lava is extremely fruitful, the Surtsey island has developed into a home for new species of flora and fauna. Scientists believe that interaction with humans would disturb this unique habitat, and hence only few researches are allowed to visit.

North Sentinel Island, India

natural island india

Believe it or not, there are societies that have never come into contact with “modern civilization”. One such society has been living on Sentinel Island for more than 60,000 years. It has been reported that 19th century scientists tried to kidnap and research the members of the tribe. However, nothing went as planned, and the Indian government decided to restrict the access to the island, releasing the Sentinels to themselves in what they claimed – a belief that they would be better off on their own, living the way they were accustomed to. The fact that they survived for so long without interference from the outside world is amazing. It appears we would never find out whether they hide any of the ancient secrets or any of the ancient cures or ways of communication.

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