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There is something luxurious about the thought of castles, large estates, green fields and cold beverages… If you are a fan of snow and skiing, nothing can compare to top-notch accommodation in the Alps, for example, enjoying the fireplace and the character of old houses.

We are all accustomed to living in boxes, more or less, pinned to places we know all of our lives. If we are lucky, we go on vacations and visit some of the memorable sites.  If we are extremely lucky, we can afford luxurious getaways every now and then. These are some of the suggestions.

Constanta Casino, Romania

Although this building in desolated today, it still gives away the sense of luxury and the image of high-class guests it hosted through history, Russian Tzar being one of them. Built in 1909, the Casino itself later served as a hospital and a restaurant, and it was eventually closed in 1990. However, the building was very popular due to its art deco style, and the identity it featured, that there were plans to build the replica in Monaco.


Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

This is believed to be castle straight from the Disney fairytale. It was built by King Ludwig, as a result of his obsession with all things fantastic. His contemporaries claimed that he was unfit for the king, as he hesitated to engage in solving the problems which he was experiencing both at the battlefield and at his court. There are clues to suggest he was actually forced to take the throne. Since ruling the country was not his thing, he turned himself to art and architecture. Today, we are glad he did it. The castle was also featured in 1968 fantasy adventure movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.

Caerphilly Castle, UK

Caerphilly Castle is a 13th-century medieval fortress located in South Wales and the second largest castle in the United Kingdom. Previously managed by Marquesses of Bute, the castle is now controlled by the state. There are several interesting facts about Caerphilly. First of all, it is a pretty large place, consisting of many towers and corridors to explore, surrounded by double moat system. Secondly, it is famous for its leaning tower. Remember the tower in Pisa, Italy? Well, this one is leaning to a greater degree and it is still enduring. And thirdly, and possibly the most attractive feature is that it is a house to a family of dragons. Well, at least the artificial ones. But they still make a lovely scenery. And you can even, go dragon hunting!

Mont Saint Michel, France

The famous castle is located on the island in Normandy, approximately 1km from the coast. It is protected as the UNESCO World Heritage site. The records show that it hosts some few dozens of people as habitants. Apart from the stunning architecture, the interesting thing about Mont Saint Michel is that the strong tides are surrounding the island, which results in daily connecting and disconnecting from the main land. Maybe you can be one of the 3 million yearly visitors who think this is the most beautiful castle in the world.

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