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BC To Introduce “Cashless Casinos”

By March 27, 2019May 21st, 2019No Comments

Once again, online gaming is setting the trends by using cryptocurrencies as a more safe and convenient means of payments. Cash itself is steadily being replaced by various methods of handling funds, in this case: a card and ticket option. What is in common for most of those alternative solutions is that they are all digitally-based.

Canadian province of British Columbia is thinking about introducing a cashless gaming system in land-based casinos in order to improve safety and prevent potential misuse of actual cash.

Canadians are rethinking cash! Reportedly, at the beginning of March this year, both BC mayor and council unanimously supported the staff recommendation to join Delta, Vancouver in a joint review of cashless casino systems to assess the effectiveness in preventing the money laundering.

The news has been released on the heels of announcement that Gateway Casinos will come to BC, a province otherwise not so well-known for gambling.

At the end of 2018., the Delta mayor, George Harvie, reflected on the positive experience which New Zealand had with players having card and ticket-based options to gamble responsibly, and he expressed his idea to implement cashless system at the Gateway Casino coming to Delta.

The ticket-based system should secure financial transparency, and higher degree of personal safety, plus – it is easy to use. “Cashless systems” will require an account which will be linked to each player whose identity has been verified.

As we all can guess, the advantage of this type of gambling in land-based casinos would be the fact that the gambling data can be traced easily, money processing would be transparent and instant, while funds would be available to move digitally across all gaming devices.  In order to promote the new way of gambling, the authorities will reportedly offer additional features for cards, such as limits on playing time and the amount of money used, gaming activity statements, and an exclusion option in which a player can block playing during certain times or days.

Do you think more brick-and-mortar casinos would follow their steps?

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