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Winning and Losing as Two Sides Of The Same Coin

By April 10, 2019May 15th, 2019No Comments

Everyone loves a winner. And everyone loves to win. Have you ever wondered what would happen if there would not be a “loser” to compare your winning abilities with? Or, how about being the one who loses?

The story about winning and losing is as old as the Bible, and we all know that there is rarely success without putting some effort in it. And that effort is the very essence of each game. Furthermore, the slight difference in efforts that defines a winner or a loser in any game is universal and can be applied to life itself.

For a moment we will put aside the winning moments of our lives, the ones which we like to relive in our minds, the moments that make us proud. Let us concentrate on the road we traveled to get there. Most probably, you did not succeed the first time around. So, what did you do? You learned from your experience and your previous mistakes. In that sense, we can consider loss to be both the healing and teaching power. Why? Well, it is simple. Apart from making us angry or disappointed, it also forces us to look back and it imposes introspection. Unless we decide to just give up. However, if we are true gamers (and we know we are), giving up is not an option. Before we engage in a new game, or a battle we need to realign our forces and count our losses. We need to take a moment to appreciate the fact we have been given the chance to fight the stronger opponent and learn something from our mistakes. Learning how to face your biggest weaknesses or fears can be a life-changing thing and one of the best experiences in life. That is a moment when you realize that before you win in the field, or at the table, you have to overpower the you in the mirror. Perhaps over and over again. This is what winners are built of: character, perseverance and eventually – the skill.

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If we consider the broader picture, facing the failure in life is by far the most painful and the most liberating process.  If you were lucky, you probably learned at a very young age how to cope with negative experiences in life. Once you mastered that, you probably faced challenges much easier. People who learned how to deal with failures, and to consider them as just one step closer to winning, are more successful later in life, and more self-confident. Additionally, individuals who are this self-aware, do not look for other peoples approvals, and do not need a pat on the back. They are also more capable of feeling empathy or respect for the opponent, which is a chivalry feature.

Everything in life is a game, and a constant battle between good and bad, knowledge and ignorance, light and shadows. Since we cannot escape it, we may as well enjoy the ride. And the only way to do it is to accept the fact that we will fall every once in a while. The strength of the will to get up is what matters the most, as it shows you confronted your weaknesses, and took control. And when you are in control, you have already won.

Are you the one converting losses into gains? Tell us about it.

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