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We have all heard about or maybe even participated in the well-known Easter egg hunt. It is a joyful event; it is funny and colorful. It brings happiness. Have you ever wondered why the eggs are planted in the grass? Or, why the money is of this particular mesmerizing color?

Today, we know that the concept of an Easter egg has its origins in ancient times, way before Christianity was introduced. Egg, as a symbol, appears in pagan times and it relates to the Spring equinox and the Spring Goddess Eostre.  She represents the Spring, the rebirth of nature and all things alive. This is the story that was later incorporated in the concept of resurrection and rebirth in Christianity.

The Goddess Eostre awakens the nature and its spirits, she colors the reality green and yellow, blue and lavender. She is usually represented by rabbits, colored eggs, flocks of birds, flowers, dancing maiden. This goddess was a symbol of fertility, among other things, hence the connection with rabbits as highly prolific beings. Once spring equinox arrives and Eostre appears, the time of growth takes over. We enjoy the freshness, the energy, and above all – the harmony. The balance we experience in spring is in a great deal connected with the visual effect of vibrant colors from our environment. The color which is omnipresent in spring is considered to be the most relaxing color to our eyes. It is also said that this color takes up more space in the color spectrum that is visible to the human eye.

easter eggs

Apart from her divine features and influence on nature that surrounds us, Eostre is also a symbol of awaken and reborn spiritual life. Reinventing yourself and your spirit is of utmost importance for survival. The change is constant and there is no advancement without perpetual interchanging of spring and winter, good and bad, light and dark, love and hate.

Apart from being associated with nature, energy, and fertility, this color bears another symbolism attributed by the modern society. Yes, I am talking about money and finances. This particular color was chosen to be the color of money because it was the most suitable for techniques used to fight counterfeiting. According to the US Department of Treasury, the ink of this color was “plentiful, durable and associated with the strong and stable credit of the government”. So, there we have it: the money in this specific color of durability and fertility. The only thing we need is for the money bills to multiply and grow!

And finally, the ultimate question which remains, is: what is the color of spring, being at the same time the color of money?

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