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Ways to Make Your Day Sunnier

By April 20, 2019April 27th, 2021No Comments

We are all anxiously looking forward to sunny days and spring bursting all around us. People usually feel much better, healthier and happier once the sun wakes them up, instead of alarm clock. However, not every day is a fun day. Unless you live on an island somewhere in the south. For us, less lucky ones, expectations of spring encompass the impatience, maybe even anxiety and mood swings. The time when nature is being reborn calls for certain inner reconsideration of our choices and decisions. This is how we cope with it.

It Is OK to Feel Bad Sometimes

State of mind is predefined by our inner strength, as much as by outside influence. In spring especially, we may find ourselves in a situation to feel exhausted and sad. Sometimes we even blame ourselves for feeling down, or for acts previously done. It is important to remember that self-attacking will do you no good. Many professionals agree that the change starts from within. Feeling bad is a natural reaction and a step that should not be skipped in this process of redefining our path.

Write About It or Talk About It

No one is all alone in this world. Think of a person close to you or a group which shares your interests and do not be afraid to confide in someone. There is always a person willing to listen. Additionally, your family would most likely love to know what the hell is going on. Even if it is just for a moment, letting your frustrations find their way out is of outmost importance. In case you are not the kind of person who is very open, outgoing and makes bonds easily, writing could be the winning solution. Once you put your thoughts on paper or screen, they may seem completely different to you. Even smaller and of less importance. Try it out.

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Put Yourself Out There

It may be hard, but put effort into going out for a walk, a night out with friends, running, site seeing, whatever. After you cried your eyes out, or spent days in solitude, give the social atmosphere a chance. This can be a small, but very important step in healing and redefining your future self. Everyone hurts, and you are no different. Your dark thoughts, although true and important to you, do not make you less human, less-happier or more of a coward than anyone else in a room. The advantage of springtime is the fact that you can spend more time in open spaces and organize activities outdoors. Barbeque is always a good idea, if you are not into more demanding activities such as swimming, basketball, running, etc.

Do Not Give in and Indulge Yourself

It is an ancient wisdom. And the quality of wisdom is always in its simplicity. Do not give in. Repeat it as a mantra. Whatever you do, take control over insecurities. And think of the activities that make you feel comfortable and happy. Whether it is playing your favorite game, or watching your favorite movie, or preparing a meal for your friends, or going out for a run or a walk, or reading, or taking a massage, or a spa treatment, or turning up the music and dancing your sorrow away – interestingly, your brain will adjust to the stimuli and start releasing hormones of happiness. Never underestimate the power of self-imposed positive attitude.

How do you fight early spring blues? We hope playing with us is one of the solutions.

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