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Cool Everyday Gadgets Taking the Markets by Storm

By May 4, 2019No Comments

What would we do without small gadgets? Most of the things we use in our everyday lives, did not even exist a decade ago. In a way, the technology that is keeping up with the needs of contemporary time, is doing everything to pamper us and make almost everything possible by click. Today, there is almost no gadget that you can think of that money cannot provide. There are silly products, of course, which always make us laugh, but there are some devices which show that the manufacturers did some serious thinking through. Looking back at the year behind us, these are some of the handiest gadgets that we could find.

Wi-Fi Booster

I do not know about you, but I love being online 24/7. If I am able to pull that through when I am on the go, it is not logical to assume that I will have difficulties with access in my own house. Wi-Fi can sometimes perform badly, leaving us with very slow internet speed, very similar to dial-up connections. Remember that one? Enter Wi-Fi Booster. One of the most genius products, according to many. Before coming across it, I have not thought about how or whether internet providers are actually allocating the signal between two houses, for example. The question remains whether the client that pays the higher fees is getting a portion of the signal which should be allocated to the other client, close by. However, we can leave the guessing to someone else and find the solution in amplifying our own Wi-Fi signal. Reportedly, the mentioned booster works on a 2.4 GHz frequency and creates 300Mbps rate which should enable smooth running of the Internet in all corners of the house. It should be very cozy for loading movies, foe example, without any buffering. The manufacturers claim that these boosters work on both old and new networks and that its installation comes down to simply – plugging it in.

gadgets smart watch


It is marketed as “virtually indestructible SmartWatch”.

It is waterproof and can sustain up to 50 meters in depth. It is suitable for iOS and Android. It is compatible with Apple and Android products in syncing data and apps. In case you lead a healthy life, it can become your companion in counting calories and walking distances. It can organize your life and activities, handle incoming calls, app notifications and so on. The manufacturer claims it is virtually unbreakable and can work in the toughest conditions possible for up to 33 months with a single battery charge. Made out of the latest generation “gorilla glass technology”. Stainless steel used for the production is of “aerospace grade”. Is there anything more you can ask for in a wristwatch?

Cash Protect

Cash Protect looks like the actual leather wallet, but it comes with a catch. It features a tracker. It actually connects via Bluetooth to your mobile device and enables you to track it down via GPS. We realize that not everyone is carrying cash around, but we all have cards or other docs that we keep in various types of wallets. So, why not use the one with this special power. In case it gets lost, you will be able to see whether you left it in your home, office, or lost it in public, or have been mugged. Either way, it may come in handy when reporting the theft to the police. Moreover, it can save you from unwanted stress.

Dont you love the guys who work on developing these toys? Tell us about your favorite.

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