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I have to admit that somehow the latest news from Facebook passed by me barely noticeable. Only today have I managed to look into it a bit more closely, to realize that what FB is launching is actually a version of a dating app. Now, this otherwise may not have been in my focus of attention. However, just this morning I stumbled across the post by one of my Facebook friends, who asked what social media would be without clearly visible “likes”. He imagined the social network where “likes” would be visible only to the person who posted them, i.e. every user would have insight into his or hers previously liked pages, profiles, posts, ads… You would still be able to post whatever you wish. However, no one who posts would be able to see which friends liked the particular post in question. In what way these 2 ideas are connected?

My friends question stressed the importance of being less vain and still stay connected. On the other hand, the new “Secret Crush” app appears to be a clever way of protecting your vanity and insecurities while giving you the opportunity to connect with people who are attracted to you the same way you are attracted to them.

We live in a world where appearance matters. Everything is for sale and even the tiniest pieces of our lives are branded, made up, put on a perfect display for people to admire and envy. The paradox of the appearance of “Secret Crush” App is the fact that it is featured on a social network which favors all of the above stated: the disputable honesty in posts, possible false presentation, and so on. However, we like the thought of enabling people to connect in this way as well.

How does Facebook app work?

“Secret Crush” would allow you the chance to choose up to nine people from your friends list and mark them as people of romantic interest. This information would be visible only to you and Facebook. The nine persons from your list would be informed that someone has a crush on them, but your identity would be hidden. In case anyone from that list of nine people expresses the same interest in you, the app would connect you, and this would be considered a match. Alternatively, in case your crush is not using the app, or does not have you on the list, the entire thing would be kept as a secret, and no one would be notified.

The App should be introduced in the US by the end of the year. For the time being, the App is exploring opportunities in Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, and Suriname – to name a few.

The question remains whether we can be true to our partners if we are not true to ourselves on social media? Above all, would there even be the need for Apps of this kind in case we disregarded “likes” mentioned at the beginning of this text, and connected with people in real life, with more honesty. Face to face talk would be a good way to start. Until then, “Secret Crush” is the FB addition that has our “thumbs up”.

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