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The Three Best Stories Of Our Mother’s Day Promotion

By May 13, 2019April 27th, 2021No Comments

This year we wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day in a special way. We gave you the opportunity to show your mothers the love and appreciation for everything they did for you. You did that by writing stories about your moms in the comment on the blog post. We have chosen the three best stories which got great prizes. You can read them below.

1st place

For me, mother’s day is not a day for me to look back on admiration and love for my mother. She was not the best person and never put her two daughters first… when I look back on who was my rock, who steered me in the path that led me to who I am today I am overwhelmed with love, admiration, and gratitude for my mom’s 4th husband and in my eyes both my father and my MOTHER. He was my disciplinarian, my Cheerleader, my shoulder to cry on, my teacher of things he should never have to responsible for teaching a 13-year-old girl. He taught me how to drive, fight, stand up for myself, how to be a lady but not a pushover in a man’s world. He was a Marine than a Cop and had that military mentality until the day he took his last painful breath in 2011, 8 days before my birthday.. all the while not only tolerating an impatient, bossy, abusive, wife and her two young daughters but he did it so patiently. Every major life-changing event my father was there representing both my parents and I was blessed enough to be there when he finally needed me to be his rock in his last months as his caregiver… his sole caregiver. Being to proud he refused to allow me to have hospice come in and as he lay dying of esophageal cancer so his last miserable 3 months on this planet I had the gift of giving back a sliver of what he gave me in the 40 years I was blessed enough to learn from and love him like you should from a mother. Thank you for the opportunity to tell the world what a special parent and human being Gerald Hazel was. I couldn’t have asked for a better father or mother. Lisa

2nd place

My Mother’s Day story is a bit sad but it’s filled with love.

I grew up in a very poor family, we didn’t have enough money for food or a home. I would stand in food lines with my mom hoping to get enough food for the next week. We moved from place to place because each one would cost too much money to stay. It was a very hard time, but my mom was so amazing! Even though we had very little money, every Christmas she would make sure that the tree would be filled with presents for me! Sometimes it was as simple as individually wrapping each item to make it look like I got way more presents than I really did. She made sure that on Christmas I felt special and loved. I know throughout the year she would sacrifice things she needed in order to provide an amazing Christmas morning. She passed away on December 21 eleven years ago and every single day I miss her but even more than that I wish she would have been able to have that last Christmas.
She was an amazing mom! I love her so much!!! Sharon

3rd place

Mother! This word is like living in our lives. Mother in our life is a place we can not clearly explain. The mother lays down the tree where there is only one shade in the harsh fire of life where we get some rest on the way. Mother is in our house where we have not been able to sit down and do nothing wrong. Our mother in our lives is the only man who understands from within, but the mother does not have to say anything to us, how can we understand the state of our mind when we see our face. And at the right time, the right solution comes to the hand. There is no feeling that our mothers do not know about our life or can tell us the right solution for them. One day, a girl was born for 9 months and her baby was born within one day. Mother, whose thoughts are love, her child, and the rest of the world is one of all the saints. The person who lives in the affection of his mother, that love can win the whole world with the affection of love. In such a situation, there is no difficulty in living in our life that can not fix our mother.
Mother is a place where we are the safest. Mothers are with us in our eyes, we can not understand what our soul ever thinks, we are surprised by our mothers. When we were hungry and when we knew that before sleeping alcohol, it was our mother, and the last day of life is still there. We are very similar to our mother, no matter how big we are. Mother is a boy’s first lover and a daughter’s favorite friend of her life. We have all of our mothers and mothers, we have the most love for her. Many say that with mother or not everything can be shared all the time, I say, do not try it once; Even a little lost in her sleep a few days ago, she could wake up to touch you. Md Aklas

Congratulations to our winners and big thanks for everyone who took part in this Mother’s Day promotion!



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