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When Passion Lacks in a Relationship

By May 19, 2019No Comments

Remember the butterflies in your stomach, or the first time you felt swept off your feet? The moment when you could not refrain yourself from reaching out towards someone or constantly touching that person? It is one of the most exciting feelings in life and if you managed to keep the fire burning for years, you can consider yourself the lucky one. Otherwise, keep reading, as we have prepared an outline of warning signs and advices from experts.

It is a girly thing to talk about these issues, I know. However, hopefully, men can recognize certain signs and be willing to work on their relationships as well. So, we all know that in the early stages of a relationship, all sensations are augmented. We feel loved, safe and invincible. Once the first phase of the relationship fades away, we are confronted with the completely new feeling. The emotions calm down, and the sea we are sailing becomes steady. Now, this may be good for some people, but according to relationship experts, the majority of people feel the need for passion and dynamics in their love lives. Although steady waters do not necessarily mean that the relationship is in trouble, there are certain warning signs to watch out for.

Passion becomes something that you have to stir up, as you are passed the phase when passion simply happened to you as a result of initial excitement and the hormones associated with it.  If you have to work on waking up the passion between yourself and your partner, this could be the first sign that your relationship is not evolving.  The experts claim that the need for the physical touch at the beginning of romance is driven by the desire not just to be close to someone, but to see how that person is doing, what is happening in his or her life. At the very core of our physical desires often deeper desire is buried. We connect on reasoning as well, not just on basic instincts.


Apart from the less frequent sex life, another sign of lacking passion is the need to spend time with friends or in a new environment, away from your partner. Whether the reason for this is in inability to express the feelings, so the person hides away and avoids close contact, or the reason lies in the fact that one of the partners simply does not feel the fire any longer, the only way to resolve the situation is having a straightforward talk.  Experiencing ups and downs is quite normal in every relationship. Furthermore, it is considered healthy to have your own private life and circle of friends. Finding the balance is the key. Hiding away is cowardly.

Betraying someones trust is probably the best way to end any kind of relationship. This could be the number one reason for passion of any kind to extinguish. This is the situation which puts one person in a relationship in a position to feel unworthy and unimportant. The way back to gaining the trust is usually the rocky road, if possible, at all.  In this situation, in order to attain the passion level again, one must work through the layers of getting to know oneself, acknowledging the mistakes, and learning respect and to care of someone elses needs.

In order to regain a passionate relationship, apart from talking the problems through, experts advise that you take up on a new joint adventure.  Ask your partner what he or she is interested in and if there are any escapades that have forever been secret desires. Try them out together. Plan on get away weekends, and experiment. Make time for one another, regardless of obligations. Make certain time of the week just for the two of you, and let it be carved in stone.

Passion is of extreme importance in all aspects in our lives. When we are passionate about the things that interest us, about our jobs, about family, we are living the life to the fullest. Passion keeps you moving. It is also the force that can steer you to the right direction if you find yourself on the wrong path.  Having the object of passion in your life could be a great thing: an inspiration, the source of energy, and the reason to practice gratitude. Look around. If there is at least one person or activity that awakens such emotion in you, you have the world in the palm of your hands.


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