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New technologies make our lives easier. They also provide ultimate services to companies which use them. There has been much talk recently regarding the utilization of security cameras, especially the ones performing facial recognition, as there is always a debate over the law allowing such activity, as well as the place where these cameras are installed, and so on.

Facial Recognition in Land-Based Casinos

When it comes to land-based casinos, Macau is one of the largest centers of this kind of entertainment. And as such, subject to gaming laws, and potentially – facial recognition regulations, which are expected to officially become part of security measures in 2022.

Reportedly, there are lawmakers who are pushing the technology and enhancing the usage of facial recognition software. At the moment, there are purportedly 1,620 cameras throughout Macau, and there are plans for this number to increase and to include the latest facial recognition software.

facial recognition

Artificial Intelligence in Casinos and Everyday Life

Moving over to another part of the world, “Knightscope” is the US-based company developing the mentioned software. Their CEO, Mr. William Santana Li, reportedly claimed:” We make really smart eyes and ears that operate 24/7/365 for an affordable price. We have actually operated more than 700,000 hours in the real world, both outdoors and indoors, across 15 states and are now operating across five time zones – fully autonomous without any human intervention.”  Sounds powerful, doesn’t it?

They have actually built their K1, K3, and K5 robots and applied the mentioned technology, making artificial technology interacting with humans and engaging in activities such as identifying people, detecting wi-fi devices, doing a check on license plates, having a conversation with humans just like you and me. They claim that one of their plans for the future is making a robot that can detect dangerous object in the surroundings. We can only guess what the comprehensive plan could be. We bet that facial recognition is among their priorities, as we believe the list of potential customers is long. The software itself is said to use deep learning in order to detect, analyze, and compare faces. There is already a casino, namely Pechanga Resort in Temecula, California, which is reportedly using their K1 platform. As far as we know, this is still a stationery platform.

However, everyone expects the later versions to move around and act as “security officers”. The question is whether this would significantly impact not just the gambling experience, but our everyday lives at work, school, in the streets.

Does the thought of being in a presence of a robot that knows so much about you scares you?


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