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We suppose that you never heard about chess boxing although it is a professional sport and it’s playing in the World Chess Boxing Organization (WCBO). It is just one of the weirdest sports which are playing professionally and we present you a list of most bizarre.

Competition Eating

You all know about pie-eating contests held at county fairs, but did you know that competitive eating goes beyond the global level. Major League Eating pits competitors against one another (and against arterial health and basic decency) in challenges involving everything from hot dogs to hard-boiled eggs to jalapeño peppers. There is one condition – players must be a minimum of 18 years old.


Someone thought it would be a good idea to strap wearable “bubbles” onto a bunch of people and put them in teams facing off on the soccer field. It is offer known like Zorb, the brand name, and in the USA exist Bubble Soccer Association which has teams in almost every state in the nation and there are even franchises in Canada and in South America.

Chess Boxing

The sport of chess boxing itself was created by Dutch performance artist Iepe Rubingh and at first, it really was more like art than a sport. In chess boxing, opponents play a three-minute round of chess, then fight a three-minute round in the ring. This alternates back and forth five times. A knockout or a checkmate wins the match immediately; in the event, no definitive victory occurs, judges score based on points earned in the ring.

Egg Throwing

Yes, that really exists! Like you might have guessed, it consists of players throwing eggs back and forth across ever greater distances and with the goal of the thrown egg not breaking. There are also relay races, target throwing, and more. It stands for World Egg Throwing Federation and the championship is held each year in Swaton, England.

Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing events take on many different forms. Competitors might iron while atop a stand-up paddleboard while doing a handstand on a specially-rigged ironing board, or while atop a jagged mountain peak. At the end of each event, though, a competitor had better have pressed the clothing well, extenuating circumstances be damned.

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