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3 Best Places in Europe For Summer Vacation

By June 2, 2019No Comments

Summer is approaching, quite timidly in some parts of the world. However, when summer knocks on our door, it means it is time to let your hair down, ease the pressure, and relax. Whatever you may be doing during the day, there is nothing like a clear, summer night. In case you are privileged enough to be able to sit beneath the stars, or somewhere near the water, you can consider yourself extremely lucky.

Water has the healing power. No matter in what purpose you are using it, it soothes the organism and calms the mind. Some clever people say that it is no coincidence that some of the smartest philosophers who ever lived, were born and raised by the sea. Yes, I am talking about ancient Greece, which is one of the first places that comes to mind when thinking about Mediterranean vacation.

Greek mainland & Greek islands

This is probably the region that has it all: the perfect climate, incredibly tasty cuisine, friendly people, joyful music and tons of sunshine. Greek mainland is colorful and kind to foreigners. Almost each village is a small center of tourism, with numerous apartments, restaurants, shops, pharmacies. The islands are even more picturesque and equally equipped to provide the most luxurious vacation. And above all, the water. Greek islands feature some of the clearest waters in Europe. Swimming with the dolphins is not an unusual thing there, and it makes an unforgettable experience. If you are into sailing, a yacht charters are the most convenient way to discover some of the most beautiful beaches or popular spots. Boat rentals are also a choice for more adventurous among you.

Côte d’Azur, France

Need we say more? The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind upon mentioning the French Riviera is – luxury. This is the place to be if you are someone important, or wish to be seen as such, or simply enjoy the outmost classy experience. Regardless of your motives, the South of France and Saint-Tropez especially, have a special sparkle and can provide service for everyone’s taste. Once a fishing village, Saint-Tropez has grown into a prestigious vacation spot. You should know, however, that the entrance to most of the beaches is charged. This is of little importance to people vacationing in Saint-Tropez, as this place is widely known for its private beach clubs. The atmosphere is not easily compared to anything alike. The town is striped with narrow cobblestone streets, pine trees and a mesmerizing view over the azure seas and luxury yachts. When you are already there, it would be a pity not to pay a visit to Nice, or Monte Carlo.

summer south france

Islands of Dalmatia, Croatia

Another jewel in the heart of Europe. Well, actually, more than 1000 jewels, as this is the approximate number of islands belonging to the Croatian coastline. Some of them depict the mixture of cultures and stand as reminders of both: the most beautiful and the most horrific times in history. If you choose to visit one the Croatian islands, inform yourself about the historic background and choose the island accordingly. Once you choose the spot, and go there for the first time, what you will see is clear water, blue flagged pebble beaches, conifer woods by the sea, making the perfect shade to relax, and naturally – exquisite cuisine.

summer island of rab

Where do you plan to travel this summer?

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