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Commencement Speech Sharing Values

By June 20, 2019April 27th, 2021No Comments

The time to give or to receive a commencement speech and sharing values has just ended. It made us think how seldom we go back to the words of wisdom we heard at that certain moment. Reminiscing can be rewarding, if we know how to interpret the values and remember them every now and then.

Graduating is an important time in a persons life. The best among us are usually invited to share their thoughts, advice, and pledges in the name of the entire generation. We stand there, proud and eager to take a plunge in life. Once it happens, the circumstances and paths we take lead us far away. Sometimes, they make us forget the essence of our beliefs. We experience difficulties remembering the way we were. The ideas we believed in. The dreams we had.

Without any pretension to sound too wise, this is just a short collection of what we believe should be the most important lessons to remember in life.

It Is OK to Fall, As Long As You Are Not Afraid to Get Up

Regardless of what your job may be, or your purpose in life, learning to “get up” is one of the most important lessons anyone should learn. This is probably the advice your parents have given you. If not, you must have experienced it yourself.

Fear is what usually makes us incapable of reacting properly. Facing fear and believing in yourself is what can pull you through.  This is a process that can last a lifetime. However, the sooner we realize that we have a certain power to create the circumstances the more self-confident we will be. Furthermore, our lives would be more fulfilling. Or, as Bill Nye said:” As we say in the theater and on television, take that fear and turn it into excitement.”

Another positive aspect of this small wisdom is that by accepting the fall, we accept our own imperfections. It may sound strange but being humble and aware of your own deficiencies can make you a better person. Additionally, the only way to advance in life is to pursue the skills and knowledge you are lacking. But, first, you need to be aware of what you are lacking.

Each Experience Is a Lesson

There is no great wisdom here, although this is completely true. Especially if you read between the lines. It is not about the experience itself, rather about the context of your own way of living. A lesson learned through experience can be different for anyone. It depends on how you interpret it. It also depends on what your moral grounds are. Either way, each experience is a lesson.

The toughest experiences make the toughest characters. Sometimes you will realize that you wasted your heart on a wrong person. Other times, you will see how deeply rewarded you can be for learning to be independent or to connect. There are times when experiences can teach us how to be patient and invest in the future. There are also times when we are faced with circumstances beyond our control. These are usually the moments when we test our faith.

Life is difficult, beautiful, hectic, romantic, tough. What we do with it, it is up to us. However, the only way to make this life a joyride is to take a break every now and then. Resetting can be healthy in the modern-day dynamics. Stop and smell the roses. Remember the important things and people in your life. Give them a call. Undo the wrong you may have done. You can feel better.


What is the most important advice you stick to?

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