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Beach Rules

By June 29, 2019April 28th, 2021No Comments

It’s summer and many of us will take some time out to bask in the sun and forget about all our daily routines.  This is the time to indulge our senses and absorb the nature. In case you are spending your vacation at the seaside, there are unwritten rules to comply when on the beach. Here we go…

Know the Local Rules

Knowing the local rules is the number one priority of beach etiquette. By “knowing the local rules” we do not just mean “reading the signs”, although this is helpful as well. What we think is a smart thing to do is asking around and complying with the way locals see the swimming and sunbathing. When you take a trip to a foreign country and to a culture which differs greatly from your own, knowing the rules can save you from many inconveniences. For example, in some countries it is prohibited to show too much skin or to take photos. In others, it is forbidden to bathe in a swimsuit while enjoying on the nude beach. Additionally, there may be requirements regarding carrying a towel in case you are sitting in shared areas.

Also, rules change from time to time. For example, Spain was long considered one of the countries where nudity was not prohibited. Nevertheless, they now have the law against nudity and semi-nudity in the streets. Pay special attention if visiting Barcelona.

Furthermore, there are countries where it is forbidden to drink alcohol on the beach, especially in open containers.

Checking the visible signs is also a smart idea. Taking a plunge on a wild beach can be a wonderful experience. However, for your safety, it is always recommended to visit the designated areas for swimming. Also, make sure that you know the limitations regarding the swimming routes.

When checking the signs, pay special attention to whether there are signs allowing pets on the beach. Not everyone is keen to having someone’s pet mingling around.

Respect the View and the Sound of Nature

Everyone is there for some relaxing and finding piece. Although you may share the same preferences as the person right next to you, it is only fair to let him or her choose their own way to enjoy.

There is nothing more irritating than being forced to listen to the music you do not like, instead of, for example, listening to the sound of waves or seagulls. The same goes for being forced to look at someone’s tent in front of you instead of looking at the horizon. Therefore, do not do to others what you would not like others do to you.  Wear the earphones and make sure you take enough space for yourself, but to leave enough room for others as well.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Although this should go without saying, we have witnessed kids running wild too many times. Yes, the beach is fun, and it should serve as a relaxing spot. However, it is not a playground and it cannot replace the kindergarten. The same way your kids are enjoying the beach, the other visitors do the same. Respect that and make sure no one is treating your kid badly and no one is being treated badly by your kid. Keeping an eye on your children also keeps them safe.

Lastly, always remember that everyone comes to the beach to enjoy. This simple fact can get you a long way. It can be the first thing that you share in common with the person next to you. You can use it as the starting point for engaging in a conversation. It can also initiate good deeds. All visitors of a beach are put in the same context and weather conditions. They should, therefore, help each other out in possible cases of emergency.

Do you think everyone should mind their own business at the beach, not paying attention to what others are doing?





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