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Rewarded Stories About What Makes You Proud American

By July 5, 2019April 28th, 2021No Comments

Every American proudly celebrated Independence Day. In the name of that great date, we asked you to write on our blog your thoughts on what makes you proud American. We chose the three most creative to reward. You can read them below.

1st place

In today’s age, it is very easy to find the negative in things and let that be the focus. I am grateful I have running water, safe food, electricity, and most importantly family. We are all very blessed to be Americans as are many other countries around the world. Cheers !!!  Brady

2nd place

This is a hard question to answer, because right now I feel our country can be so politically divided with the whole dems vs reps. The division makes me sick because I don’t think any subject is black and white, and can always have compromises made. I’m also not happy about how we treat those seeking refugee or Americans that are immigrants or our racism and more…

However, when I think of American pride, I think of my grandparents that immigrated from Malta, Canada, Ireland, and Scotland. I think about my grandpa who was a Detroit Fireman and raised during the Depression so he taught us to to reuse everything and fix anything broken. He taught me that the Americans Dream isn’t about having a fancy home and expensive car, but rather simply having opportunities. In many ways I won a jackpot being born American because we have so many opportunities and things given to us easily that others struggle for that are basic human necessities of life.

What I wish everyone remembered today and this week is that America is beautiful because it is a Melting Pot. We are a big pot of stew that you can taste each ingredient; you can be your heritage AND have American heritage. I am a “mutt” and love living where I can get authentic cuisine of every type of ethnic food easily. I can learn traditions and celebrate holidays from the whole world’s cultures simply because I am in America. It is never boring and it is always enriching.

My great grandparents came from Malta and my great Grandma said: “Don’t speak anything but English in this house so I can learn it.” So my Grandpa never taught us much Maltese and I wish he would have. But I get to share homemade pastizzi and baked macaroni with the long noodles with friends and coworkers. I get to share a hard work ethic from learning it from my grandparents that seized the opportunities. I get to have the freedom to be American today, Maltese today, Scottish today, Irish today. I can be whatever religion or gender or sexuality I want. I might still get prejudiced for my differences,

but by law I am Free. Caitlin

3rd place

The Fourth of July means so much to me. I am so proud to be an American. Being a Texan, we take our patriotism very serious. I feel some people forget how great it is to be one. We take it for granted but America is the greatest country. I’ve been to other countries and from what I’ve seen I’ll never take it for granted. I joined the Marines and fought in Iraq and Afghanistan so this day means a lot to me. It means freedom, sacrifice, and hope. Happy Fourth of July to everyone and let’s not forget to honor all of our fallen patriots. John Antony

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