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Hot and Affordable Destinations

By July 14, 2019April 28th, 2021No Comments

We are all eagerly waiting for summer vacation. If you can afford to travel abroad, your head would probably spin amid the plentiful offer. Depending on what your preferences are, you will get to choose from a variety of exotic islands to city getaways. We explored hot and affordable destinations.

If you are into good food, there is no cuisine like the Mediterranean one. In case you like adventure, Central or Latin America can be a good choice. Either way, the chances are you would like to get the most out of your vacation experience for the least money possible. These are some of the destinations that work quite well for both well-off and regular guys.


The trip to Bali takes time and money. Nevertheless, once you are there, you will see that the place is incredibly inexpensive. Simultaneously, it offers incredible natural beauty. Even if you prefer 5-star hotels, the rates are way lower than at some other popular destinations. For example, a night in one of the popular hotels costs approximately between $150 and $220.

Now, the good part. In case you are not addicted to extreme luxury, you can enjoy the quite a classy experience in one of the rented apartments or houses for as low as $14 a night. As for daily costs, they range from $4.00 to $8.00. The Western meals cost a bit more, but not significantly.

Additional activities, such as diving, for example are available for $6.00 or $7.00. Looking for even more affordable vacation? Try heading from the south to the inland areas of Bali.


Regardless of the fact Thailand has been a popular tourist destination for years, it has maintained relatively affordable prices. For the best possible rates, try avoiding the most popular spots. That way, you would be able to get by with $2.00 to $4.00 daily. A simple room costs between $5.00 and $8.00. The average cost of a heavy meal is $4.50.


Greece is a beautiful place by itself and you cannot go wrong whichever spot you choose. However, in order to save up on some serious money, make sure to avoid Mikonos. It can be quite expensive. Justified, but expensive. In general, Greek islands are more expensive than mainland. However, there are plenty islands to choose from, and many of those are quite affordable.

Greece is lovely in September as well. Therefore, if you wish to save even more money, check out the September deals. The rates are way lower than in high season, which is July and August.

Greece offers a variety of hotels. However, you should know that a 5-star hotel in Greece although quite good, does not contain all amenities and services that hotels of the same rank offer in Turkey, for example. Or Bali, for that matter. Hence, make sure to check the detailed offer in advance.

Furthermore, you can always choose one of the quite affordable studios for your stay in Greece. In September, which is still hot in Greece, a nice room can cost you approximately $17.00 a night. The famous gyros is available for less than $3.00. Greece is famous for a lamb dish, which can be found for the price of app. $10.00.


Travelling abroad this Summer? Looking forward to hearing your experiences.

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