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We bet there are crime solving lovers among you who know that the butler is not necessarily the villain. For all of you who have an eye for detail, and can smell the true suspects, we have prepared a short crime story. Read it carefully, consider the details and let us know in the next 48 hours who is the main suspect and why this can be treated as a murder case and not a death by natural causes. Get rewarded by solving a crime. All of you who guess the suspect will be rewarded with 20 free spins for “Cash Bandits 2” slot. Good luck!

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The Crime Story

There was a wealthy man, living alone in a small, yellow house in the suburbs. Although he was disabled, he was well accustomed to living on his own, and had all sorts of gadgets and devices that helped him move around independently.

However, he was not a fan of socializing and he rarely went shopping. Probably because he needed help outside of the house.

One Thursday morning the postman found him dead. He reported the case to the Police.

The first thing that the Police Investigator noticed was that the body was lying on the floor in mostly dried blood.  There was no gunshot wound, so the first thing the Investigator thought was that the man fell for whatever reason and hit his head, which then led to hemorrhaging and death.

The crime scene investigators found a glass of whiskey on the porch, Monday newspapers, a catalog and some unopened mail. The house was otherwise quite clean. It was raining the night before and if there had been any tracks around the house they got washed up. No significant marks or traces of tires were present. The investigators searched the house and the items surrounding the body.  Apparently, some cash was missing.

Interviewing the Possible Suspects

They also interviewed the first door neighbor. He said that he had not noticed anything suspicious. The victim has been known as a quiet man who liked spending time on his own. He also stated that he had not been in a close contact with the victim, except when stopping by to offer some help occasionally.

The police officers contacted the victim’s next of kin. She was shocked to find out that her uncle was dead. She stated that she had a habit of visiting him only twice a month, as he preferred privacy. The last time they spoke, they had an argument. He clearly was against some of her life choices.

Police also talked to a guy delivering the groceries. He stated that the old man was kind, although not so talkative. However, he said that the he always believed the victim had a good heart, as he used to share some words of wisdom and daily advice with him or the guy delivering the newspapers whenever they crossed paths on the porch.

After he examined the results of the investigation, the Investigator concluded that what he had to deal with was the case of a murder instead of a death by natural cause. Who do you think was the primary suspect and why?


  • Clarissa Kennedy says:

    The guy that delivered the newspapers.

    • Clarissa Kennedy says:

      I forgot the why…
      Because the paper was Monday’s paper. He was found on a Thursday. Obviously the man that delivered the newspaper knew he was dead already and didn’t bother delivering the paper.

    • Ky Rulloda says:

      I say it was the niece that said they got in an argument

  • queenofheartss says:

    The niece…

  • I think that the suspect is the guy who delivers the newspapers because they found an empty bottle of whiskey on the porch.

  • The niece because the last time they spoke they argued because of her life choices and if he was to pass away she would probably be left everything he owned. And his money since she was next of kin. And also she only would visit him twice a month so they probably were not very close, and he was probably more of a chore to her then anything and most likely did not enjoy doing it. Like he was more of a hassle to her then anything.

    • Donald searls says:

      The first person the police will interrogate and make the number 1suspect would be the next of Kin and with very strong motive

  • Christopher sullivan says:

    News paper delivery guy

    • Christopher sullivan says:

      I think that because if he was found on Thursday and it was mondays paper then he was the only one there when no one else was around since the grocery delivery man and mailman cross paths so they would’ve been caught and if it was the neighbor he would’ve brought the mail in since he helped with errands and the mail was found outside and the niece only visits twice a month and mentioned the last time they spoke they had an argument which would’ve canceled the visit and when she spoke to him he was alive

  • Patricia lynn cross says:

    The next of kin

  • Newspaper delivery guy

    • Peter says:

      The newspaper guy… there was a glass on the porch so the man was out there having a drink and the only place they crossed paths was on the porch there was unopened mail and the newspaper also found there the man home was clean so he would of normally opened the mail straight awAy and put the rubbish in bin meaning he died when he got his mail

  • Angeline Mariano Dela cruz says:

    the niece, motive would be money and what led her to the crime wasbecause of their recent argument and since she is the next of kin she will gain financially once her uncle passes away


    • Kaitlin Richard says:

      The newspaper delivery guy because it was mondays newspaper on the porch and he was found on a Thursday so he was the only person who could have seen him everyday when the other suspects do not. Username: Kaitlinp96

  • James says:

    Newspaper delivery guy

  • Lora says:

    The newspaper delivery guy because he stopped delivering the paper.
    Username is cillykitty

  • Troy TD1120 says:

    Not sure if I’m eligible for free spins but I am pretty sure the butler did it lolz

  • Henk says:

    I believe the killer was the Newspaper Delivery Guy and the Grocery Delivery Guy as they would cross paths on the porch which means that one of them would have the ability to leet the other in.


  • Username is kkcalda94

    The next of kin because they had an argument last time they spoke and considering he was a wealthy man she would inherit everything.

  • Tara says:

    Postman, newspaper delivery driver

  • Username is kkcalda94

    The next of kin because they had an argument last time they spoke and considering he was a wealthy man she would inherit everything.


    Newspaper boy!

  • Vickie says:

    I think it’s the guy who delivers groceries Mony is missing whisky laying on the porch and he contradicts himself by saying that the stated that the man was kind, but not talkative then he turns around and says However, he said that the he used to share words of wisdom and daily advice with him or the guy delivering the newspapers whenever they crossed paths on the porch. Actually maybe the grocery guy and the newspaper guy did it together! Seriously though I think it’s the grocery guy

  • Duncan Hekker says:


    Dhekker username

  • Cassandra Mitchell says:

    News paper guy. Why wouldhe be they’re on Thursday?

  • bojapo says:

    Newspaper delivery guy, because he delieverd newspaper daily, so he should ve discovered the body by Tuesday morning.

  • Tony says:

    The paper boy because the last paper delivered was Monday and they found him on Thursday so he knew he didn’t need it anymore since he was dead so he stopped delivering!

  • Tammy vidmar says:

    The guy that delivered the paper

  • Ashley says:

    Left2Chance –

    I’d sat the newspaper guy. He delivered the paper every day, they found Monday’s paper but no other papers and the victim was not found until Thursday. Where are the rest of the papers?
    Then again you could say the grocery guy because it never mentioned whether or not he was told the victim was deceased and he had spoken of him in past tense so he knew he was dead, but because it doesn’t specify whether or not the victim was deceased it’s hard to say, leaving the lack of newspapers as stronger evidence.
    I don’t think it’s the niece at all because she had no reason to tell the police about the argument. Why incriminate yourself? Too easy and too obvious.

  • Kenyo676 says:

    obviously it’s the guy delivering newspapers since none were delivered Tue. wed or thurs

  • Janice Bradshaw says:

    The newspaper guy no paper was delivered after newbold and usually the paper is daily
    User janscasino

  • Evelyn Yvonne Karrar says:


  • David Hines says:

    I think it was newspaper guy because the cop only found Monday paper. The postman found him dead Thursday. The newspaper guy stopped delivering papers because he knew he was dead.

  • Samantha J Perrigo says:

    The niece Lilmizz816

  • johnlloyd63 says:

    the newsguy i think

  • Don L. says:

    The mailman is the killer.

  • Michl Thebarge says:

    It appears to be the guy that delivers newspapers. Mike6453

  • Valerie rey says:

    The grocery man because for one the victim already had the newspaper and unopened mail there meaning the post man and newspaper guy were already there so it couldnt be them and also not the niece because she metioned an arguement so more than likely he was upset and therefore drinking whiskey as a result so lead me to be between neighbor and grocery guy but what raised flags was that grocery guy said he shared advice and wisdom when he was not a socialable guy and also the only way i can see the newspaper guy crossing paths with him is if the newspaper guy was leaving victims house and grocery man was arriving meaning grocery guy would of been last person to see him and the fact that the body was on top of dry blood indicates body was there for quite a bit . So my overall guess would be grocery guy because he would of been last person to see him
    Username : valerierey50

    • Valerie rey says:

      And also just want to mention the missing newspaper could of been delivered but its possible it could of been washed away by the rain since it did rain the night before because from what i know newspaper guys usually just drop off your newspaper in the yard or close by unless they see you and hand it to you . So definitly feel like its the grocery guy

  • Tameka79 says:

    The newspaper boy since last paper found was from monday .and no tracks left

  • Destiny Trotter says:

    The paper boy snd grocery boy. The newspaper stopped delivery on Monday…why wouldnt there be Tues. and Wednesdays and Thursdays paper? And the grocery boy bc he is the only one to say that they chatted. Everyone else barley spoke to him.

  • Brandon s says:

    Niece since she is next of kin she would get his money mor fortune


  • Cherry Delacruz says:

    It could be any of them but I’m thinking, who would benefit from his death? My answer will be the next of kin. THE NIECE!!!
    Username cdelacruz

  • Gus says:

    Newspaper delivery guy
    Monday’s paper. He was found Thursday.

  • Daniel Sykes says:

    Newspaper guy

  • Danelle says:

    The newspaper delivery guy. The last newspaper on the porch was from Monday meaning he knew the victim was dead and didn’t bother to deliver more papers for the week.

    Username: Dharrison24

  • Ronald Webster says:

    I believe it is the newspaper guy because he hadn’t left tuesday or Wednesdays papers. And surely you would think he would have reported it come Tuesday morning.

  • Ginnygirl32: The newspaper delivery man.

    • Ginny girl32 – the newspaper delivery guy, and I didn’t include the why- clearly bc of being found Thursday and Monday’s papers being lastly delivered makes it seem as though the delivery guy knew not to bother bringing any more papers and likely involved with mans death on Monday.

  • Juve8907 says:

    Newspaper guy because mail was on porch with whiskey. Juve8907

  • Nicholas allen says:

    Butler….in the kitchen.

    Newspaper guy. Delivery Monday, body found on Thursday with dried blood, paper is in the house and the victim doesn’t go outside.


  • Brendon mckenzie says:

    The next of kin.
    She avoided seeing regularly because she was already premeditation the murder and the guilt was too much seeing him on regular basis


  • The newspaper delivery person. The latest edition of the paper found was Monday, and it is now Thursday. So newspaper courier killed him and hadn’t returned. AJPHELPS1212

  • Lydia says:

    Dear Casino Brango CSI team,

    With your help, the newspaper guy has been arrested as the main suspect. The fact that there was no newspaper delivery after Monday was the thing that triggered the suspicion. Apparently, the person delivering the newspaper knew that there was no need to bring the newspaper to the man who had died.
    We thank you for all your comments. Those who guessed it right and who are eligible for this promotion will get free spins which will be processed as soon as possible. As of now, we will no longer accept further answers.

  • Jewell-arie lemke says:

    Grocery guy


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