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Unique Number Eleven

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Do you have a favorite number to bet on? Most people choose numbers according to significant dates in their lives. However, each number has a special meaning in numerology. Also, each number bears certain energy, according to numerologists. Therefore, a bit of knowledge on the meaning of numbers is always welcome. Before you start betting, consider the aspects of the unique number eleven.

Symbolism of Unique Number 11

Among numerologists, the number eleven is the Master Number. This means that it is a double-digit number coming from a single root number. Eleven is the first number after 10, which symbolizes completeness. When we look at it that way, then 11 is excessive. Sometimes, people perceive it as a symbol of exaggeration and extravagance.

As it is the combination of two equal numbers, the number eleven symbolizes dynamics. Furthermore, it also requires interaction. There must be an individual and his counterpart. Moreover, as each interaction delivers results, eleven is often associated with dynamics and teaching through struggle.

Some of the terms that numerologists relate to eleven are: intuition, spirituality, teaching, charisma, dynamism. Possibly, its power hides in the fact that is the first among the Master Numbers (11,22,33). Furthermore, number eleven is also the root of all other Master Numbers.

How Unique Number Eleven Relates to People

Maybe you heard before that the holders of number eleven are old souls. We wondered what this actually means. Having in mind that eleven brings intuition, it is not so difficult to guess. Individuals who were born in the sign of eleven are powerful people. They often have strong will that they can control and focus on a certain subject. At the same time, these people are highly sensitive and spiritual.

Often, their strength is not limited only to their psychological side. Holders of eleven are usually physically strong as well.

There is one special feature that puts holders of eleven among the spiritually most awaken people among us. It is the ability to show empathy and respect for others. Considering the world we live in, this character feature will soon become scarce and in high demand.

Significant Mystery Dates Related to Unique Number Eleven

According to Glynis McCants, numerologist and best-selling author, the 11/11 date is the moment when heaven opens. At that time, the universe is granting wishes, and everything is possible.

If we think of the Mayan calendar, we can all remember that they predicted the end of a very important cycle on Dec. 21st, 2012. Try adding all cyphers from this date, and it will sump up to eleven. The predicted hour, according to the Mayas was 11:11. It symbolizes rebirth, the coming of the new age. The one that comes after the complete and perfect number 10.

Remembrance Day falls on November 11th each year. It is the day when the world remembers all the victims of wars. It was originally related to the date when the peace was signed ending the First World War.

Apollo 11 was the first aircraft to land on the Moon.

New York became the 11th US state.

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