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Kyle Giersdorf (16) Won Video Games World Cup for $3m

By August 7, 2019No Comments

While Kyle Giersdorf’s parents were telling him to stop play video games, probably they never dreamed about that he will be a millionaire thanks to playing. This 16-years old teenager won the Fornite World Cup several days ago and brought home a $3 million prize!

The tournament took place on Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. The winning players shared $30m in prize money, with 10% going to the winner.

Giersdorf kicked off his afternoon with a win in the first game, picking up nine eliminations right off the bat. By the sixth and final game, he had mounted a 15 point lead behind 18 kills and cruised to the 26-point win.

There is an interesting story about his video games avatar “Bugha”. When he was a baby, his grandpa used to tickle his chin and say “Bugha! Bugha! Boo!”, and Kyle took it as his nickname. On his win, Bugha said to ESPN that he had no emotion, but it also felt unreal.

Giersdorf plays professionally for the North American Fortnite team: Sentinels. He waded his way through more than 40m players to take down the Fortnite World Cup. According to the reports, 1.3m people watched the final on the streaming service Twitch, and a half a million watched on YouTube.

Fortnite’s massive success means it currently holds the world record for an Esports prize pool. The gaming world is in growth and is predisposed to keep up with the latest trends and tech enthusiasts believe that blockchain-based gaming is the next best thing.



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