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Etihad Airways Integrates Travel-Focused Blockchain Platform

By August 9, 2019No Comments

United Arab Emirate’s national airline has teamed up with a Switzerland-based blockchain startup to integrates Blockchain platform. Winding Tree, a decentralized business-to-business marketplace built on Ethereum will provide logistical support for Etihad Airways to provide its internal information systems, according to Coindesk.

This move is the attempt to explore using a blockchain platform to distribute products and services without the need for third parties. They currently manage its inventories like flight times, travel itineraries, and baggage tracking.

Winding Tree’s platform will allow corporates and institutions like airlines and hotels to publish available inventory to those customers directly. Currently, it is serving a number of airlines, hotels, and tourism offices globally. It’s including Air Canada, Air France-KLM, Lufthansa, Swissport, and Nordic Choice.

We have been doing experiments and new solutions on the platform. Ultimately, that benefits the consumer. When there’s innovation, you start to have disruption. You have competition which results in better prices for the consumer“, Pedro Anderson, Winding tree’s chief operating officer told Reuters.

There is one more example of adopting blockchain technology in the world. Many international governments, airline companies, and airports are starting to adopt blockchain technology. We already wrote that Nevada is the latest US State to recognize the importance of moving to blockchain and introduces it to build a smart city.




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