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Weirdest Casino Games in the World

By August 18, 2019May 4th, 2021No Comments

Some players like to play RTG video slots at our casino and make great wins often. Another like table games and always find some in our big offer. But, these games are something you are used to. We dare you to try some of the weirdest casino games if you will have the chance to do that.

The Chicken Challenge

If you consider yourself a tic-tac-toe champion, you can test your skills in a world’s champion in this game. It is a chicken named Ginger. Yes, you read correctly. These games are organizing in the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. If you win the talented hen, you could end up taking home the prize of $10.000. Be warned, people are talking that this chicken is very talented.

Rodent Roullete

Only people who don’t afraid of rats, mice or gerbils could play this weird game. The game starts with a rodent being placed in boxes within roulette wheels. This specialized wheel contains a large number of these boxes. When the wheel is spinning, the critters will walk around and choose a box to hide in. If you placed a bet on that specific box, you will win.


One of the weirdest casino games is Pachinko which is very popular in Japan. Gaming parlors dedicated to this game you can find throughout Asia. Pachinko machines are very similar to pinball machines. Usually, the reward is cash, but you may receive a small prize or item instead.

Bird Song Bets

If you travel to Belgium don’t miss to visit some of the local casinos and check out bird song betting. The concept of this game is very simple. Birds are put into cages and visitors can bet on which of them will sing the loudest and the longest.


This game dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times. It is very popular among Jewish whom play it during the holiday Hanukkah. Every player has to pop cash into a pot at the center of the table and spin the device which has four sections. Each side bears a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. If it lands on “nun” the player gets nothing, but if it lands on “gimel” he will receive everything. Landing on “hey” will win you half of the pot, and if it stays on “shin” you have to add an additional bet to the communal pot.

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