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Who Is Watching You in Land-Based Casinos?

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It is no secret that casinos around the world use state-of-the-art technology. Cameras in particular. Eye in the sky keeps monitoring us from the very moment we enter the casino. Should you wish to know who is watching you in land-based casinos and for what purpose, continue reading this text.

The Cameras Casinos Use

Most of the cameras that casinos use are IP security cameras. The reason is very simple. These can provide much clearer picture than any other camera out there. Moreover, there are also additional features such as motion detection, email alerts, app push notifications, etc.

IP Cameras come in PTZ IP type. This means that it can rotate 360 degrees and basically replace several fixed cameras. Furthermore, there are also so-called “dome” cameras that they install to the ceiling to track both dealers and gamblers. These cameras are difficult to detect, or to tell in which direction they are recording at the particular moment.

The Premises That Cameras Cover

In short – cameras are everywhere, in accordance with gaming regulations. However, if we should pinpoint the spots that should by all means be monitored, the selection would cover cashier, entrance, tables, slots, as well as parking lots or other open areas.

As you may have noticed so far, land-based casinos monitor not just the players, but the staff as well. The reason for this is to prevent crime of any kind, be it theft, cheating, beating or sexual harassment for example.

Most of the land-based casinos monitor parking lots for additional reason – checking up on licence plates. In case the plates match the names of previously proven perpetrators, those persons would not be allowed to enter the casino.

For recording staff, casinos use the so-called “auto-tracking”. These cameras monitor each movement of the staff member and track a person wherever he or she goes.

Casinos are usually obliged to keep the recordings up to a year.

The Pictures That Cameras Take, and Info They Analyze

The cameras that land-based casinos use feature biometric facial recognition. It means that they record each face that enters the casino, and then compare it to their database. The reason for this is checking whether a person has a record of misconduct in any of the casinos.

Apart from pictures, land-based casinos keep extremely large databases filled with in-depth data. There have been rumors that after 9/11, certain authorities (but land-based casinos as well) started using a system called NORA (Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness).

Basically, this system of background check activates when a suspicion arises. In order to get additional information on a player, or circumstances surrounding the suspicious scene in a casino, the system analyzes the data. It can connect the identity of a person with all available information on that person’s previous history, possible other identities, or connections with other persons who are not considered eligible to gamble.

Safety First

Casinos, both land-based and online, take security seriously and strive for safe, ultimate gaming experience. That experience should be joyful for everyone.  Some people frown upon so many cameras in public places. However, we should all keep in mind that there is a reason for monitoring of this kind. After all, when we take a brake from our hectic lives, we like to be careless and have fun. Why not let someone else take care of our safety every now and then?

Any interesting experience with security measures in land-based casinos on your part?

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