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Celebrating Labor Day With Free Spins

By August 30, 2019May 4th, 202151 Comments

All workers can take a break because Labor Weekend begins tomorrow. It precedes Labor Day, the national holiday which is celebrated every first Monday of September. This year it will be on September 2nd and employees all over the United States will get a day off. In the spirit of celebrating this day we have prepared a special promotion with plenty of free spins.

To get it you have to let us know what your dream job is. You can write your thoughts in a comment below this post, as well as your Casino Brango username till Tuesday, September 3rd. Then we will choose the three most creative answers and announce the winners. They will get free spins no matter if they had the last free action on their account. The good news is also that we will reward with 10 free spins all other participants who engage in this promotion and haven’t already got some free promotion. Non-depositors should try their luck on another occasion.

When we talk about rewards, it’s time to uncover them.

  • 1st place – 100 free spins, with $100 max cash out and 40x wagering
  • 2nd place – 50 free spins with $50 max cash out and 40x wagering
  • 3rd place – 25 free spins, with $50 max cash out and 40x wagering

Please read valid standard free spins promotion terms, to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Promotion is available only for depositors.
  • No two free money promotions are available between deposit.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free Spin must be wagered 40x on non-progressive slot games only before a withdrawal can be made.
  • Maximum cash-out is set to $/€/AUD 50
  • Withdrawal may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit has never been made, “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€/AUD 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slots games will result in all winnings been void while playing the bonus in question.

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  • Lisa Payne says:

    My dream job… well I am lucky enough to work my dream job. I turn bars around for a living. I work what feels like endless hours at times and with no cooperation from the staff most of the time ( who’s this lady coming into our bar and telling us what we need to change when we don’t need change… etc…) but when the smoke clears, and and their fear of change turns into curiosity and excitement, when sales have gone up ( at times a whopping 80%), and the locals are walking back through that door with smiles on their face and money in their pockets, when drinks are flowing and good times are being had by all then it makes all the fight I have to give soooo worth it. And of course not all bars are meant to be saved some people would just rather give up than give in to change, but I always put in my 120% and I know it sounds trivial… a bar, who cares… but if you think about it memories are being made, future (love) partners are meeting, breakups are happening, etc… bars play an important part of socializing FACE to FACE. Atmosphere, the correctly made drink, an incredibly funny and entertaining bartender ( uhh yes, I am quite hilarious) can make or break not only a persons evening but he pub owners future in his or her business. When I walk away with the gratitude and appreciation of my hard work it makes me feel like I did something worth while. ( the nice size check doesn’t hurt either😉). I am very lucky to be working my dream job.

  • Kate Randina says:

    Professional skydiver


  • Trey says:

    Dream job would be fishing professionally for the bass masters elite series 👍

    Username- th7585

  • Evelyn Yvonne Karrar says:

    My dream job would be a chief listening agent. Someone who just listens to someones thoughts and opinions. I would be a ice cream taster in my spare time.

  • Ashley says:

    My dream job would be running a nonprofit that supports reuniting families torn apart by domestic violence prison drugs and so on. One sude would help the mothers with finding suitable work and providing daycare. The men would be seperate going to school doing therapy on job training and then time would be spent in family therapy sessions to help the family coparent and support the children as a united front. Not every person is cut out to be a parent but there are good men out there who love their kids and were never trusted nor given the tools to try and be a better father. Give them hope the right tools and a guiding hand these families won’t have to be just another statistic.


  • Aurora1430 says:

    I have always wanted to help others in some form of a fashion. I went to cosmetology school to do hair and then massage school but still never felt like I was truly doing what I was meant to. It was not till the death of my 14 year old daughter that I realized what I truly wanted to do. Loosing a loved one period is rough and losing a child that you created and brought into the world absolutely destroyed me. I knew I had to keep going for the sake of my other two kids and that is exactly what I did. I signed up for school to get BA in psychology. I realized that I wanted to help people who have gone through traumatic situations. I want to be the person that know and believe and feel is truly there for them. I want to be a light for them during the dark times and show them that even though it may feel like their world is ending that is not and be there for them as I had others there for me. Loss of life for anyone is emotional and hard and a lot of times we do not know how to move forward and i believe that sometimes the right person can change a life or be there to show others just how important there life is when all they want to do is give up.

  • Ray Sandoval, aka Raceandoval says:

    I’m grateful to say I’m living my dream job as a Paramedic. I’ve been on the ambulance for 15+ years now and feel so much gratitude to be given the skills and knowledge to be able to help people in so many ways. -Raceandoval

  • marlo pullum says:

    My dream job is to take care of drug addicted kids mrspullum

  • LadyEnygma says:

    My dream job as a child was always to be a marine biologist. Life didn’t work out that way. I had my son at 15 years old and my life took a new direction. I wouldn’t change it for a second though. My son is my everything even though he is a grown man, I may have gave me life, but he gave me a reason to live. He gave me the best job of all. Being a Mom. Username LadyEnygma

    • Carlos Lemus Gutierrez says:

      Hello my name is Carlos Lemus. My dream job is becoming a General Surgeon.

      It all started when I was four years old, and yes I do remember memories this far back.
      I remember, when I’d wake up I would play with my toys until my mom called to check if I was ok. She was at work, and I would wait for her to call before asking permission to watch TV and play on my Nintendo 64. There was this Pokemon show I always looked forward to watching but before it was this medical informative show that had some surgeons performing surgery on people. I was fascinated at how the human body worked and I always had a desire to help people! And what better way to help then being a surgeon! I mean I’d be directly saving lives and making friends. I have always had a very strong empathy and have always had a lot of care for people and I was always moved seeing the advertisements showing the people in third world countries in complete misfortune and misery. My dream is to become a general surgeon and dedicate my life to helping these people in need.

      Username: lemur1230

  • I always wanted to be a Marine Biologist as a child. Instead I became a Mom at 15. I wouldn’t change that for a second! My son is my whole world. Even as a grown man, he is my heart in human form. I may have gave him life, but he gave me a reason to live. My son gave me the best job of all. Being a Mother.

  • My dream job would be to have a laboratory and unlimited budget to experiment and possibly invent useful new technologies.

  • Jaimecycy says:

    My dream job is to be fully self employed and by self employed I don’t mean just to work for myself but to have an incoming income that doesn’t stop even when I sleep.then I can spend my time and energy on family and doing good in this world.That job could be construction or sales ,cars or house flipping.username Jaimecycy

  • James says:

    My dream job would be an Entrepreneur/coach that I’m living kind of already I’m just building from the ground up and do it seven years now but I finally having them back in the workforce for a couple years but is struggling but at times. But my main goal would be to associate people with their true passion and also associate them with others and help them build networks to make the world a better place.

  • Misti Burnes says:

    My dream job would be ultimately being a top stand up comedian. I would love to be able to make people laugh and share with people jokes and funny stories and really make a good living at the same time. I have always wanted to be a stand up comedian, but the opportunity has never came up or I have not been brave enough to take the leap.
    Joke: 2 peanuts walking in the park….
    Answer: They were a salted!!! hahaha!!

  • Richard Chamberlain says:

    I have been working my dream job most of my adult life. I have been blessed to live in the Florida panhandle and work as an independent
    commercial fisherman, I made up my mind when I was 9 years old hanging out around the docks in Sanabel Island, Fl.

    Yes, it has been feast or famine at times, but there has rarely been a day when I didn’t look forward to going to work. Always something


  • My dream job is to full time do whatever I can to help the less fortunate. The best feeling I have ever experienced is when a homeless man ask me to buy him breakfast. I handed him a 50 dollar bill and I could never forget his face and how thankful he was for that, he even ask if he should bring me back change, I smiled and said ” no buddy that’s all for you”. You would of thought he just won the lottery. It’s was bar far the most satisfying feeling of joy I have ever had. And I would love nothing more then to continue getting that feeling everyday for the rest of my life. Punit11

  • Right now, I am a professional in Information Technology and would really love to own and operate a laundromat. I love the smell of clean clothes and dryer sheets! I would even have a bar so people can have a drink while they wait! SO much better than corporate life.

  • Pennybrad says:

    My dream job would be a peacemaker & healer….I would love to make Mother Earth united❤️

  • Cilkykitty says:

    My dream job would be flight attendant. Akways thought it would be cool to get paid to travel.

    Username is cillykitty

  • Jeffrey Wilson says:

    Well, my dream job would consist of two components. One of which I’ve almost nailed down, the other doesn’t seem like it will be feasible any time soon unfortunately. My passions lie in technology and rescuing dogs. I currently work in the tech industry, not the branch I exactly would like to be in, cause I would love to be in the cyber-security division, ie- Ethical hacker, penetration tester, something along those lines, but I do work in a data center, and I feel blessed to be able to do so. I just love the fact that I get to play around with computers all day long, troubleshoot and fix them, and try and keep all of our customers happy. What I wish I could do on the side is help rescue dogs and educate people on how they could do their part for animals by not buying puppies, and rescuing them from shelters etc. I would love to be able to foster dogs while finding them forever homes etc. I just don’t currently have the means to do so unfortunately. But hopefully one of these days I will be able to!


  • Roxi says:

    To own and operate a home in tailand for trafficked men, women and children and help them for an unlimited amount of time until they see fit and then stay in touch forever so they can see that since no onr has given them a chance, they can give themselves one. (Coming from experience)

  • Leslie Bitenieks says:

    My dream job is to own an animal sanctuary. I have a passion for helping animals and protecting them. I would take in any animals who need a home, love, and care. I would make sure they are safe and well cared for. People who care for other creatures are the people I want to be surrounded by.

  • Gus madrid says:

    My dream job would be to be working for casino Brango of course. I spend a lot of time playing the slots. Why not get paid :p

  • Animalzlife says:

    I love Brango its a great site….and my fream job would be a casino manager!!!
    User name…Animalzlife

  • Tom Latta says:

    Hello from Edmonton Canada,
    The thing about a dream job is, whatever the occupation whatever the hours or the pressure or even the money, a dream job is the lack of the word…JOB…in the description ow what you want to do. In my opinion when you love what you do, when you go to sleep thinking how you can do it better and when you wake up eager to start again…..then you have found your dream ..”Job”..!
    I you love what it is you do, whether it’s helping people reunite or framing up a home or writing songs …( that is what I do )..or even keeping the floors of a school spotless at night so the kids can dirty it the next day……but you love doing it….then congratulations to you……you will never ..”work” another day for as long as you like or can.
    T Latta

  • Virginia Kirk says:

    My dream job is to be a advisor to people that are suspicious if a their loved one is on drugs. I am a grateful recovering addict that can bs with the best of them, and would not offer counseling nor any type of progression nor psychological services to addicted loved one, but basically be a family’s bs detector. I would have a free consultation and get the idea of what kinda of suspicions are there, and would help those that are truly clueless to shadiness and the type lies that addicts are able to think up, I wish someone like this would have helped my mother when I was in my addiction. Thank u for your consideration- love casino brango a free spin reload, $10 min deposit, and loyalty rewArd following day after a deposit! Thanks

  • Valerie rey says:

    If I had the power to chose my dream job I would honestly be a counselor or a therapist . Theres no better feeling than having the pleasure of knowing your helping someone not only physically but emotionally as well . Theres soo many people in this world that struggle with stress ,trauma,drugs, disorders ,coping and so much more and being able to have the the ability to understand , Express and communicate what a person is going thru and being able to help would honestly be my dream job .
    Username : valerierey50

  • Karen Colvin says:

    My dream job would be to work at casino Brango of course.

  • My dream job would be to help so many different people in different ways like bring a smile to the elderly people in nursing homes by visiting them and bringing them some kind of gifts and let them know they matter in this world. Another would be to help prisoners that are getting out of prison to adjust to the changes that have taken place while they were locked up. To get them in some kind of program that will teach them a trade and get the certification they would need for certain jobs and help them find a job. To help them get treatment in a mental health facility because most of them need it because of things they’ve been through and witnessed while in prison. To also help people that are addicted to drugs get the help they need free of charge in a really good treatment facility that will not only help them get off and stay off drugs but teach them how to live a drug free life around people and help them get good jobs. To help set up visitation in local jails where you are face to face with your family, friends, and children. Where you can have contact with each other and be able to hug or touch them. To help with prison reform and help change some laws that really shouldn’t even be a law.

    Denali Rollins

  • Nicholas Wise says:

    I always wanted to be the owner of a business that I would call destruction factory, where you can come and pay money to select a weapon and then be set loose inside of an all you can smash arena, where you take out your inner rage on a variety of different everyday objects such as old computers, printers, old cars, appliances of all sorts, glass objects, old furniture, ect.

    Username: nwisdom91

  • Johnathan says:

    My dream job would be to live life as I see fit an not have to worry about any of the extras that life seems to present.

    User: Jbhighlights

  • Serge Dery says:

    My Dream job would be , to be the President of the United state, So in stead of making war, I would
    Builds house, center for Kid that still leaving in the street. at First then other center for homeless, A place so they can find shelter and rest.
    Would also invest to builds a spaceship for backup, as we see how our Earth is degrading, I don’t understand
    why they still didn’t think about a plan B, if everything goes very bad, we could escape.
    There’s not much they do for all the pollution and other problem cause they’re too busy fighting

  • Edmundo N. says:

    Stand up comedian. Would be honor to travel and collaborate with the comedy get down your. Making people laugh is one thing but when they shit their pants..

  • Brandon Starr says:

    Dream job is nurse practitioner in the making


  • Alaura lewis says:

    Username: Alaura1826

    My dream job that im currently going to school for right now is to be a dental hygienist it was just recently that i realized I’m actually good at working on teeth. I keep my boyfriends teeth cleaned out cause his teeth are currently decaying from cavities and so to keep the pain tolerance down i have to constantly go in and clean them out and one of his teeth just recently broke in half and so i had to go in there and pull it out. But ive been able to stop and reverse his cavities from getting worse and i self taught myself in all this and have educated myself in everything dealing with the mouth. Which is very hard actually but it really is important to brush and floss so many things happen in the future if you dont with alot of pain suffering and an ugly smile as well so just always remember to BRUSH and FLOSS everyday or suffer the consequences that you will regret i promise that!!!

  • Danero Alex says:

    My dream job is to one day work for Brango Casino which is the best casino on the internet

  • My dream job is fishing for shark while I clean up the pollution in the ocean

  • Angeline dela cruz says:

    my dream job is?,, well if I’m given a chance to work again… A Lawyer to be prioritized for me.. the kind of work that my personality prefer use to be…

  • Karriona says:

    My dream job would be a skydive instructor giving people a thrilling memory they won’t forget.

    Username: kkcalda94

  • Every day in taking a breath….. no matter how simple or complex, whether it be minuscule or of gigantic proportions, no matter how much the insignificance or it being of the utmost importance and without a single exception…..we all have “Dream Jobs”!
    In the everlasting attempts of the search for inner peace and self harmony we as mortals seek, one begins to understand the beginning of our quest, starts from “within”.
    Until such realisation, one perhaps may not understand what the “job” is or entails although Our Planet does….do You?

  • Im a carpenter by trade, getting my contractors license and being a general contractor would be my dream job.

  • Jennifer says:

    A forensic sientist

  • Cherry says:

    I always wanna work from home

    Username cdelacruz

  • Olivia says:

    Thank you all for being a part of celebrating Labor Day on this way. We appreciate your sincerity and efforts to write interesting stories and ask you to stop writing comments about your dream job from now. The winners of the first three prizes will be announced soon. All other free spins will be credited during this week according to the terms of free money promotions.

  • Leslie says:

    Great casino games. Try t for yourself.

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