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Porsche Taycan Is Ready to Take the Market by Storm

By September 1, 2019May 5th, 2021No Comments

Porsche has always been about high performance. Therefore, it is no wonder that their announced EV Porsche Taycan has stirred so much interest. ┬áThe first one in the electronic vehicle line up coming from Porsche, is, as many believe, the main rival to Tesla’s vehicle. One thing is for sure, Porsche Taycan is ready to take the market by storm.

Overview of the Porsche Taycan Main Specifications

  • Full sports sedan
  • Supportive seats
  • Ability to switch off the stability control, which is rare for an EV
  • Light, compact permanent-magnet synchronous AC motors, enabling more repeatable performance
  • Precise control of the heat in the battery pack and electric motors
  • Sharp steering
  • Measured body control
  • Extended, lurid drifts
  • Comfortable ride
  • Capable for road isolation
  • Blended brakes
  • Carbon-ceramic brake rotors
  • Active anti-roll bars
  • Air springs
  • Rear-wheel steering
  • 20- or 21-inch wheel-and-tire packages
  • Lowest center of gravity so far

Unusual Consistent Acceleration

Porsche Taycan prides itself with consistent acceleration. Reportedly, Porsche recently upgraded its ability to accelerate. Originally, zero to 60 mph acceleration was done in 3.5 seconds. Now, this acceleration is possible under 3.0 seconds.

What is interesting is that consistency of the performance is enhanced by the fact Porsche Taycan can do 10 launch-control starts in a row without degradation in performance. Furthermore, the performance shows no lacks even when the battery is more than 50% discharged. Actually, the driver can measure the slow down in this case, but he or she would not be able to feel it.

Charging the Battery

Porsche Taycan runs on 800-volt, so designing the charging process was a challenge.

It features two charge ports. As models like this one strive for not only high performance, but comfortability, the designers decided to include two ports for easier access. There is an AC port on the driver’s side, as well as a SAE-standard CCS plug configuration behind the passenger-side flap. It should accommodate AC and high-voltage DC charging. ┬áThe charging ports are programmed to lock one automatically while the other is being used for charging.

According to the official statements form Porsche’s Product Line Director for EVs, Mr. Robert Meier, the Taycan will have the ability to add 62 miles of range in just four minutes when using a 350-kW fast charger. Porsche has also committed to installing 500 of them in the U.S. through Electrify America.

We give this car thumbs up, especially because of the efforts to minimize gas emissions and saving the environment.

Would you like to try this one out?

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