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Have You Tried These Two Roulette Strategies?

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Fans of “little wheel” are curious by nature. The lovers of Roulette are always in search of more advanced strategies that can increase their chances of winning. Being unpredictable, as it is, roulette still offers the opportunity to rely on mathematics. Some dedicated professionals have researched this subject and did the calculations, so most of us do not need to bother or minds with too many numbers. Ours is to accept their estimates and try the strategies out. Today, we are presenting two Roulette strategies that are easy to comprehend.

Relying on Best of the Three Outside Chances

Roulette strategies are very cozy for players who consider themselves a bit indecisive. So is this technique. Roulette can be a dynamic game with many odd outcomes. In order to continue playing, the player needs to take a firm stand and decide on the next move.

This is the moment when a player should consider focusing on the outside even chance options (Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low).

The first thing a player should do is to choose one of the outside sets, and then to check the last three outcomes. People who swear in this strategy say that betting on the outside chance which appeared in 2 out of the last 3 outcomes is a good choice and increases the winning potential.

For example, if you choose Red/Black and two or more of the last three outcomes are Red, the player’s following bet should be red. Furthermore, it is recommended to avoid betting in cases of double RR BB RR. Also, it is not recommendable to double down on any of these systems. Above all, a player should note that if aiming for a +3 unit win, he or she would need a 10, unit bankroll.

Betting on a Single Column or Dozen

Basically, the same as with the previous strategy, the important thing is to stick to a certain choice upon each win.

Nevertheless, the professionals advise that a player should stop betting in case of losing two times in a row. Additionally, in order to promote responsible gambling, we feel the need to remind players that it is always possible to experience a streak of bad luck and worse results.

Therefore, each player should simply know his or her limits. Planning your bankroll can help out in situations like that one. On the other hand, a player should always protect the bankroll. There are situations when a bankroll is at risk. Protecting the wager by covering the zero is one of those situations. Naturally, if a player does this from time to time and not on every spin of the wheel, there are no chances that the bankroll would be exhausted.

With this strategy, the player chooses whether he or she wishes to bet on columns or dozens. Column and Dozen betting pays 2:1. Naturally, it is always possible to bet both ways. However, in case a player is new to the game, it is always more convenient to make things easier and simpler until a player develops certain skills.

When a player chooses to bet on a Column, the next step is to choose one among the three possible and keep betting on it. A player should also decide on the number of wagering units he or she plans on winning. Choose your roulette strategies and start playing!



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