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We Will Reward Your Help in Solving The Case

By September 16, 2019December 17th, 202114 Comments

Our Investigator has once again been assigned a case. This time, it appeared to be the case of domestic violence. The same as with the previous one, we will reward your help in solving it.  The main focus should be on distinguishing the actual evidence from the false one.

Read it carefully, consider the details and let us know in the next 48 hours what was the main clue that led the Investigator to believe that the case was completely made up. When this deadline expires, we will post a comment to close all further commenting on this post, and all comments that arrive thereafter will not be taken into consideration. Thank you in advance for reading the terms carefully.

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In order to enter the promotion, leave your answer and username in the comments below the post. Do not forget to read the terms:

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The Background

Katy is a well-known actor with many affairs in the past. However, the public perceives her as the girl next door. She has been in the public eye ever since she was a little girl.  She knows how to handle the comments, the media and the frenzy. She is well-connected. The only thing lacking in her life was the recognition of the quality of her acting. Her image was built on her sex appeal combined with socially engaged behavior. She contributed to many charities and participated in media campaigns directed towards helping the weak, the unprotected and maltreated members of a society.

For some time now, she had not engaged in a new project, let alone a new movie. However, her private life seemed to be flourishing. She got married for the third time and gave birth to a baby boy. Her husband is just a regular guy who lived life far from the public eye. Handsome and apparently well-off. They traveled a lot; they bought the new house, and everything seemed perfect. Until one day, the news got swamped with shots of her entering the walk-in clinic looking stunning, wearing dark sunglasses and a black maxi dress.

The Case

Reportedly, she suffered an attack from her husband and decided to file the report. During the following several days, the public was able to see the photos (purportedly taken just few hours after the attack) of her cheek slightly cut, as well as of the yellow bruises on her arms. The shots were allegedly taken at the hospital.

Katy claimed that she and her husband had a quarrel the night before because she suspected he cheated on her. One thing led to another and the husband reportedly hit her in the face and dragged her to another room. Then, he threw her on the bed, slapped her several times and left to another room, eventually falling asleep.  She also told the Police that after the event she left the house to take a ride in order to cool down. Once she got back, both her son and her husband were still sleeping. She made a decision to speak up and report the case.

The husband stated that he had never laid a hand on her and that he was caught off-guard with everything that was happening. He claimed that the only reason he could think of for his wife to make this kind of claims was building a foundation for the upcoming project. A sort of a teaser. He thought that Katy was exploiting a very sensitive topic in order to get the media to report about her, since there is no such thing as a bad publicity.


The Investigator reviewed the evidence. The first thing he found odd was the fact that she left her baby alone in the house with an abusive person. However, this was not substantial enough to conclude that the report was false. Solving the case requires meticulous work. So, he went through both the statements and the evidence and one thing in particular made him believe that the actress was lying. Can you guess which one?

Disclaimer: Any similarity to real persons, dead or alive, is purely coincidental.


  • Tanja Williams says:

    The yellow bruises indicate that they were old. Way older than a few hours old…. so she is lying, at least about the time frame of the attack.

  • Karen Colvin says:

    User : fedupkpc

    Because the yellowing bruises would indicate that she was injured prior to the alleged incident.

  • Valerie rey says:

    She does not mention her son being in any of the rooms while she was dragged and slammed from one room to another and as a mother and a member of the society shes involved in not once did she stop to check on her son first before leaving the house and also why was there photos of her walking in the clinic as if they knew she was going to be there but at that time the abuse was not reported yet. So indicates she planned the whole thing.

    Username : Valerierey50

  • Cilkykitty says:

    I agree with the others, the bruises being what led the investigator to believe sne was lying since the color indicated they were older than she had said.

    Username: cillykitty

  • Diana Peiffer says:

    If they were fresh bruises,they wouldn’t be yellow yet,the bruises were old bruises,the yellowing means it happened before and they were healing,and if there was a commotion all through the house,y didn’t the baby wake up,and why wasn’t the baby with her,also it said her life was flourishing,,and stated he was well off also.,so there was no problems,she said all of just for publicity

  • Charles Mauldin says:

    Developing a yellow bruise indicates that an injury or trauma has occurred, usually about 7–10 days ago.
    And why would she go to a clinic, with her husband well off. And mentioning her life is flourishing why would they be fighting over her husband having a affair.

    • Jesus says:

      Yeah the bruises were older than what they claimed which led to the investigator to be suspicious of them not being honest. Bruises dont turn yellow so fast. It’s a fact.

      Username: jesus617

  • Username:looksorn555 says:

    I agree with the others, the bruises being what led the investigator to believe sne was lying since the color indicated they were older than she had said.

  • luis enrique ocampo barrera says:

    Katy the invention to then is the actor….. user name 042788

  • Yellow bruises are not less than 24 hrs old, and indicative of her lying to investigators. Ginnygirl32

  • I also say the bruises wouldnt be yellow the abuse wouldn’t have recently happened.

  • The bruises. Being yellow indicates they would be old. So she is falsely accusing.

  • Lydia says:

    Dear Casino Brango CSI Team, thank you for participating in this promotion. Those of you who answered “yellow bruises” guessed it correctly. Kindly note that as of this moment the promotion is finished, and we can no longer accept new comments.
    Your well-deserved free spins will be processed by the end of the week, in accordance with the promotion’s terms.

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