MasterBlock, a Swiss Luxury Enigma Crypto Watch

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Blockchain has brought advancement in quality of the products. It has also made things more interesting. Moreover, blockchain products are creating a new market of items that provide exclusive fun.  Everyone recognizes Swiss watches as high quality products. However, this is the first time that we see a watch of this kind. Presenting MasterBlock, a Swiss luxury enigma crypto watch.

The Visual Impression of MasterBlock

Gvchiani and Cryptolex are the companies behind the development of MasterBlock, while the accolades for the design go to Shant Ghouchian. MasterBlock is a limited edition wristwatch. It honors Bitcoin and its technology – blockchain.

MasterBlock is in a shape of a block. The material is titanium. The upper crystal outlines X, relating to the monetary code of Bitcoin. The leather strap symbolizes blockchain, as per manufacturer’s explanation.

MasterBlock is water-resistant to the depth of 30 meters. It contains a mechanic self-winding caliber with a 48-hour reserve. Furthermore, this watch displays date and time with high precision. Namely, official statement says that it is “delivering accuracy within a margin of five seconds per day.” One of the reasons for such a high precision is the fact it features 25 jewels. Jewels being the small sapphires or rubies located on the movement that reduce friction and act as bearings for gears in a mechanical watch.

The MasterBlock Crypto Wallet

MasterBlock watch features unique blockchain address which is inscribed on the dial. Therefore, it is visible through the crystal. However, it is hardly readable, as it is in the form of QR codes. On the other hand, this enables the person who wears it to use the wristwatch as a titanium wallet, if necessary. It supports Ether, Bitcoin and Dash.

The MasterBlock Price and Exclusivity

MasterBlock wristwatch has a price of 16,500 Swiss francs which is app. $16,646. Nonetheless, the first two produced, “Genesis” and “Satoshi” are going to be put to an auction. The first of the MasterBlock watches was manufactured in Geneva in 2015. It has since passed a long way, earning the blockchain certification in March 2018.

The manufacturer announced that the company would produce only 2,010 pieces.  If you are an interested buyer, make sure to reserve your piece on time, as it takes six months from the time of reservation to the time of delivery.

The Big Secret

One of the two unique features of MasterBlock is that its blockchain traces the records of the manufacturing of each piece. That way, this watch comes with a history of its own. Above all, all owners of MasterBlock watches are connected to the owner of the previous piece, making a sort of a unique circle.

Ultimately, the most interesting fact about this watch is the cryptographic enigma. Each piece holds a part of the secret. The manufacturer says that at least 51% of MasterBlock holders need to meet in order to solve it. The thing is that each watch hides a certain unique clue. In order to uncover the mystery, all owners would need to put the clues together.

Would you like to be in the club of these watch owners?


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