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How to Become a Professional Gambler

By September 20, 2019May 5th, 2021No Comments

Would you like to spend all your time playing games? If so, join us as we explore how to become a professional gambler. This is most probably one of the most exciting and interesting professions in the world.

Professional Gambler’s Profile

We would like to think of gambling as a fun profession. Moreover, there are individuals who actually live out of gambling. By nature, gamblers are people who are willing to risk. We could say they are bald and curious. However, cautiousness is also of great importance. The professional gambler knows when to take the money and get out of the casino.

Another thing that all professional players know is to “blend with the crowd”. Yes, we know it is in human nature to boast about the well-deserved status. However, an experienced gambler is the person who is aware of his or her achievements. This gambler knows how important it is not to draw too much attention.

How to Choose a Game

Upon entering the gambling world, most players start with slots and Blackjack. However, as we have said – gamblers are curious creatures constantly looking for opportunities. Hence, exploring different tables.

A good player knows that winning at each game is possible. Trying it out in a fun mode is always a good place to start. The more advanced and more dedicated gamblers do a lot of research on the game. Some of them even go that far so as to code the game themselves in order to see how it works. Why they do it? Well, a professional knows how to apply a strategy. Nonetheless, the essence is to build your own strategy that works. In order to do it, you have to be well-read and get into details. They say that it is a kind of an unwritten rule to do part of a research at the on the subject at the UNLV Las Vegas library. And remember to always rely on mathematics.

Land-Based or Online Casinos?

Professional gamblers play at both land-based and online casinos. Apparently, they are everywhere, and they are looking for opportunities. When in land-based casinos, professional gamblers pay a lot of attention to dealers.

Shuffling the cards can tell you a lot about the table. If the game includes single or double deck of cards, the dealer will probably hand-shuffle the cards. However, in case of a multi-deck game, dealers can either hand-shuffle or use the Continuous Shuffling Machine.  Professionals say that if possible, they prefer to avoid the shuffling machine.

This machine usually contains four or five decks of cards. After every round, the dealer places the discards back into the machine which shuffles the cards are randomly. The thing is that this machine enables live dealers to continue dealing without interruption. So, a dealer can deal more hands per hour. Professional gamblers believe this increases the house edge, as it exposes the player’s bankroll.

On the other hand, gamblers should never loose online casinos out of the focus. Choosing a bet safe casino is of utmost importance. Additionally, online casinos often have different type of promotions to keep track of. Above all, they offer bonuses as incentives to players and all professional gamblers should take advantage of this fact.


How close to you think you are to becoming a professional gambler?

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