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Emotional fitness is crucial. There is no money that can make up for a sane piece of mind. Moreover, no matter how much money you earn, being emotionally fit can help you navigate the storms and swim with the sharks. We did a bit of thinking about how to build emotional fitness.

Practice Regularly

The important thing is to be aware that achieving emotional fitness is a process. Usually, it entails testing the person’s limits of endurance, faith, patience and will. On the other hand, no matter how hard it may be, this process builds a character. Furthermore, it can make a person become a better leader, a more conscientious individual and more understanding friend.

As with all other types of practice, working on your emotions can be exhausting, but rewarding. Furthermore, working on emotions includes not just facing the fears and overcoming them, but adopting healthier habits as well. This could be hard. However, it shows daily progress and boosts self-confidence. Seeing the result of your practice, whatever it may be, is always beneficial and strengthens the will power.

Learn from Your Success, Not Just from Mistakes

It may sound cheesy, but the change truly starts within ourselves. No one can fight the battles on our behalf. Or, perhaps can, but that would do us no favor. People who are dedicated to work on themselves, have a habit of forgetting how much they have achieved. They always struggle for more and rarely look behind. This could be the result of the fast-paced dynamics of the lives we lead and the jobs we do.

Nonetheless, taking a glance at the previous ups and downs is very important. We learn from mistakes. However, the successes are equally important. As achieving emotional fitness is a process, everyone needs a pat on the back from time to time. The advantage would be to learn to empower yourself, and not depend on someone else’s opinion or praise. So, take a break, and observe your accomplishments. You will eventually realize how far you have come and what obstacles you have overcome.

Be Aware That You Are Only Human

Imagine you have practiced all of the above and reached a certain level of emotional fitness. You have adopted healthier habits and managed to balance your life and hence – make more sound decisions. You have become aware that going through life surrounded with people dear to you is a gift, but that you would endure on your own, just as well, if necessary. At that point, a person must feel quite powerful.

Now, imagine something goes wrong and you are not able to sustain the same level of control and emotional soundness. Would you panic?

The most important lesson to learn is that we are all humans. We make mistakes. Our lives consist of so much more falls than successes. It is ok to lose control every now and then. It’s natural and makes us who we are.

The goal of emotional fitness is to strengthen the will and empower an individual to get used to exploiting his or her own mental and emotional resources and to rely on them fully.

Have you tried to build emotional fitness? We would love to hear your experiences.


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