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Change the Attitude and Become Better at Poker

By October 10, 2019May 5th, 2021No Comments

I know what you are thinking. Give me some real insight, or a secret, and not this psychological mambo-jumbo. You may not know this, but psychological aspect of a poker is as strong as the mathematical one. Change the attitude and become better at poker is not just the phrase. A successful poker player is not only proficient in techniques, but in demeanor as well.

Control Your Vanity

Well, this is not an easy thing to do. I would say the world is drowning in vanity. Sometimes, it appears that vanity took its toll on humanity. We strive for better looks, higher salaries, better opportunities, and above all – better impression to leave on people. Hence – Instagram, social media in general, and the flood of meaningless influences that fill our minds on daily basis. The thing is that there is no real benefit from it all.

In order to achieve a real gain, a person needs to make smart choices. Such a choice usually means that one must find a way to outplay the opponents, in real life as in gambling. Be a better person. That’s a quick advice. Respect the players at the table and do not underestimate them. Above all, take responsibility for your actions. We can agree that many things depend on luck. Nonetheless, you know your game, right? You know the rules, the odds, and techniques. Learning on your own mistakes is painful, but beneficial. And being prepared to keep learning always can undoubtedly get you a long way.

Be Polite to Your Assets

The strange as it may sound, other players are your assets. The money you can win eventually originates from the mistakes other players make. Therefore, control your urge to show off. You may have been playing for a while and have gained certain skills. However, that does not mean that the guy next to you is completely clueless. Above all, do not blame others for your bad score. If you do so, the chances are you will chase other players away. Remember, you need them. The only ones that may stick at the table are the players who would like to teach you a lesson. And they are most probably more proficient than yourself.

Therefore, put vanity aside and act wisely. Be polite and friendly. You can always show your mastered skills during a game. There is no need to boast around and be arrogant. You can leave that for your social media profiles.

Know the Value of a Session

Once you reach the stage to truly enjoy and appreciate the game itself, you may consider yourself a master of poker. At that level, you will know that the value of a session is not only in the amount you expect to win. Poker is a multi-layered pleasure provider. It offers great opportunities, but it also demands a certain attitude and wits.

Learn how to recognize the unfavorable conditions, and how to limit the losses. Moreover, try not to lock your winnings too soon. Give yourself a chance, but do it wisely. Above all, make sure you choose to play at a bet safe casino.

There is no ultimate guide to poker, or any other casino game. At the end, it always comes down to a player’s own personality. The simple truth is that poker always tests you to see what you are made of. So, brace yourself and start playing. There is no other way to learn.

Has poker shifted the way you perceive yourself?


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