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Kudos to the inventors of gadgets! Personally, I am always hesitant when it comes to new inventions. I believe that time eventually shows the quality of a product. Therefore, I prefer time distance. I read the reviews and compare it with official product description. Then, I wait a bit. You may think that I am too cautious. I can agree. Nevertheless, there are some products that caught my attention at the first glance. Here are the gadgets that introduce luxury to our lifestyles, at least a bit.

Snapchat Glasses

These glasses connect to Bluetooth, enabling the users to send the pics to Snapchat or export the material in various formats. Snapchat glasses can take videos as well. So, how do they work?

There is a HD camera on one side, and a LED ring on the other. The glasses also feature the button on top which the user can tap to start recording. Alternatively, this button should be tapped to take pictures. The glasses are water-resistant and can take slightly fish-eyed photos. Snapchat has truly done an interesting thing with these glasses.


GoPro Remo Voice-Activated Remote

GoPro cameras are a must. People usually use them while engaging in unusual activities in order to take breathtaking photos or videos. I am not an adrenaline junkie myself. However, I would love to have one of these to make unforgettable memories.

In case you like skydiving, diving, snowboarding or any kind of similar activity, this camera might just be what you need. In order to make a video, simply give a voice command directed to the remote control which is usually mounted on the user’s wrist. GoPro Remo also captures time lapse photos.


Nikon Z6

Lastly, one of the best cameras this year is Nikon Z6, featuring a 24.5MP camera and 3.2-inch tilting touchscreen. It can take 4k quality movies and has continuous shooting speed of 12fps.  NIKON Z6 camera was definitely not designed for beginners.

This is a high-resolution, full-frame mirrorless camera. The interesting thing is that it allows the user to use F-mount lenses through the FTZ adapter. This is a great thing as it shows a certain level of flexibility and accessibility, especially if the user is a person who does not like to attach to a certain manufacturer.  The producers have also reportedly done a great job on focusing performance and eye detection.

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