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Living Longer Is Possible

By November 2, 2019May 5th, 2021No Comments

We will not talk about healthy eating habits and avoiding cigarettes. You already know that you should exercise and do regular checkups in order to stay healthy. Nevertheless, we thought about the unconventional aspects that contribute to longer life. Living longer is possible if you embrace these priorities.

Social Interaction as the Ultimate Cure

Strangely, not too many doctors will tell you that social interaction is equally important as medications they prescribe. The impact that your bonds with family and friends have on your well-being is beyond measure.

A human being is meant to live as part of the collective. This need is in our nature. Even in prehistory, people used to organize living in groups. This was a practical decision. Living that way made their lives easier. They were stronger together while hunting or defending from enemies. The group would not allow the weaker members to suffer. On the other hand, each individual would live for and in a group.

We secluded ourselves from that joint way of living a long time ago. Individualism has taken over big time. However, innate drives die hard.  Even the recent studies show that strong human interaction can increase the survival rate by 50%.  Do you know what this means? You can exercise as much as you like, but you will hardly reach the same benefit as when socializing. Your behind may be tighter, or your biceps stronger, but the chances of living longer will not prevail in comparison to social interaction.  According to an article in Time Magazine, a person would need to exercise 1,500 minutes a week, or more than 3 hours a day (!) to lower the risk of death by 46%.

Eventually, it is up to you to decide whether to exercise, or spend quality time with family and friends, or both, if possible. We just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that we often forget the benefits of socializing. There is basically no other way to lift your spirits when you are down, or sick than to have a shoulder to rely on.

Always Have a Goal

When we strive for something, we persevere. Regardless of the obstacles, we continue going because we have a purpose.

Setting a goal in life does not have to be a difficult thing to do. Moreover, setting smaller goals is something many psychologists recommend. That way, the goals are achievable. Furthermore, those achievements can boost a person’s confidence and give wings to carry you to another endeavor.

Some research has shown that people who set goals in life are less likely to experience any type of brain damage, or to experience disability. Even the patients suffering from some of the most difficult diseases find strength in belief.

Belief or fate is a subject that science still does not tackle. We have witnessed to some of the tremendous innovations that facilitate human lives. People have started 3D printing organs. Nevertheless, we remain silent about the most valuable force within ourselves. While approaching the holidays, we leave you with this simple thought:

living longer is possible if you decide that this is your goal. Your thoughts, your relationships, your beliefs and your doings have consequences. And the more open-minded and positive you are to the world around you, the better the results.

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