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Holidays are all about guilty pleasures. Resisting another slice of pie is science fiction, if you ask me. This is the period of the year when we need some time to relax and enjoy. And it is debatable whether there is greater holiday joy than good food. How to balance guilty pleasures during the holidays is the question.

Think in Advance

Yes, holidays are there to let your hair down and stop thinking too much. However, sometimes, you need to think in advance. Let’s say you have a family dinner scheduled for the day, or a business gathering during lunchtime to celebrate, would you start your day with a heavy breakfast? Yes, if you wish to end up in a hospital.

Thinking in advance is beneficial, although it can be exhausting and boring. On the other hand, the benefits of thinking in advance include more balanced lifestyle. If we are talking about holidays, this small change in your daily routine can boost your energy levels. That was, you would be more willing to participate in conversations or watching movies without falling asleep.

Think in advance and remember that although food can provide quick satisfaction, balancing your meals can provide for so much more. Holidays should be about sharing pleasant moments with your loved ones and enjoying the exchange of ideas and games.

Enjoy the Food with This Little Trick

Nobody expects you to be on a diet when holidays come. Naturally, we all love to eat delicious food during festive periods. If you cannot bring yourself to think in advance and plan your meals, there is a small trick that you can try out. This one should give you a chance to indulge in guilty pleasures without remorse.

Namely, the nutritionists have proved that our brains need about 20 minutes to recognize the fact that we are full. Therefore, once you start thinking that you are on the verge of overindulging, stop and wait for 20 minutes. If after that time, you still feel hungry, go ahead and eat your heart out without any guilt!

Leave the Best for Last

The most delicious treats and guilty pleasures are usually the least healthy ones. Therefore, this advice is closely related to the first one and planning your meals in advance. The advice every nutritionist would share is to eat your healthy meals first and then treat yourself with whatever you want. As long as you have the 20-minutes rule in mind, you will be on the safe side.  Our bodies have amazing self-regulating mechanisms. It is all about learning how to recognize the messages it sends.

Above all, have fun! Furthermore, start exploring new ways to have fun. Food is good, but it is not the only fun that holidays can provide. Who knows? Maybe this holiday season will bring new perspectives, and you will discover new pleasures in life. Whatever you do, stay safe!

Let us know about your favorite guilty pleasures during holidays.

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