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Are You Feeling Well?

By December 8, 2019May 5th, 2021No Comments

We live in a society that is constantly telling us that well-being is the imperative. Are you feeling well? This is not just a rhetoric question. We should all ask ourselves about the quality of our lives. And I am not talking about the living standards, monthly incomes, accessible health care or anything similar. The thing is that well-being is so much more than being physically healthy.

What Well-Being Is

People usually mistake health with well-being. The thing is that there are many people experiencing well-being while fighting serious diseases, and vice versa. Probably, the closest term to well-being could be “spiritual (or mental) health”. I believe everyone knows at least one person who takes care of the physical health, exercises regularly and so on, but does not feel calm and satisfied. Stress can be a bugger.

On the other hand, individuals facing challenging periods in life sometimes find the inner strength to pull themselves through. Moreover, they find peace and joy not just within themselves, but in small things that surround them. Consequently, their minds can influence their bodies to certain extent. Maybe we should all practice this during holidays. Wellness is all around.

Some of the Ways to Start Achieving Well-Being

In order to start achieving spiritual well-being, and the strength of mind, we should all find purpose. Possibly, there is no better time than Christmas to start practicing gratitude, love and realization that life is about more than just us.

It is one thing to be kind to ourselves and find strength and will power to move forward, but quite another to empower someone else. This is one of the tasks we should accept and perform in order to be able to achieve spiritual wellness.

Achieving physical well-being seems more difficult than it actually is. If we say that striving for the balanced diet and putting your body in motion is a way to go, that would cause hesitation in many people. Most of you would probably think that it is easier said than done.

Nevertheless, exercising is a habit, like every other habit. But with special sprinkle on top. It causes a healthy addiction. The more you exercise, the more you would crave for exercising. Isn’t that beautiful? The one thing you have to do is simply – start and keep going.

This holiday season take care of yourselves and your loved ones. And think about the future and how to make it better, healthier and how to positively influence people around you.

Do not forget to let us know how you think wellness can be achieved.

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