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Christmas Spirit in the Age of Scrooges

By December 25, 2019May 5th, 2021No Comments

Let’s be straight from the very beginning. When I say “the age of Scrooge” I am not referring to the material stuff. Christmas is the number one holiday to celebrate love. We usually forget the essence of Christmas. And then we shop till we drop. True Christmas Spirit in the age of spiritual and emotional scrooges is something we should all promote. If you are shopping for cool stuff, we suggest you share it with the person dear to you. Or, if you are playing at our bet safe casino, we call upon you not to spend the entire winning amount on just yourself.

There Are No Limits to Sharing the Christmas Spirit

Ways to share the good vibes are limitless. With a bit of imagination and good will, the difference we can make can be crucial in someone’s life. Things are quite simple here – do not treat others the way you would not want others to treat you. Or, give others the gifts you wish to receive. That’s the whole science!

Offer Help

As stated previously, imagination is the only limit to spreading the Christmas spirit. This is the right time of the year to let your imagination run wild. Whatever you thought of doing, but didn’t have the time or resources, this is the moment to do it. Gather all your good will and go for it. Make someone happy. These are just few of the suggestions to spreading the Christmas spirit, despite of the prevailing trend of minding our own business.

You can start by offering help to your family and neighbors. A community center always welcomes those who are willing to help out. There you can probably find people who need some kind of a social support, for example. Share your experience with someone. Maybe your message will get to the person who is currently at the crossroads. It could happen, just as easily, that you would save someone’s life, without even knowing.

Save a Life

Donate blood. There is no need to stress the importance of blood donation. At its core, it is about saving lives, naturally. Moreover, donating blood promotes gratitude towards the community. In most areas, blood demand exceeds donation rates.

Plus, all blood donors receive a check-up prior to donating. In case you missed your yearly physical, this can be a good moment to compensate. Interestingly, in some countries, such as Sweden, blood donors receive a message when their blood saves someone’s life. How cool is that?

Practice Gratitude

In the age of scrooges, be generous. Practice gratitude. When I say this, I am referring to the actual acts of gratitude, while the acknowledgement of the gratitude goes without saying. We may be feeling grateful, but never act to actually show it. This is fine as well. However, spreading the gratitude and positive feelings can be your small contribution to saving our world. Furthermore, this is in perfect tune with the spirit of Christmas. Therefore, let practicing gratitude as the universal value and sharing it among people be our way of defying scrooges all over the world.

Be compassionate. Perform random acts of kindness. Share your material and spiritual wealth to elevate others and leave a trace in this world. Above all, be playful and do not forget to have fun.

Charge your batteries through playing with us at our Snowball Arena or trying out some of our Christmas promotion offers. And don’t spend it all at one place, or on one face. Merry Christmas!

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