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Cryptos That Marked 2019

By December 26, 2019May 5th, 2021No Comments

Cryptos and blockchain have certainly marked 2019. Digital revolution has definitely started to transform our world. Although blockchain has found wide application in many industries, cryptos have taken the central role and continue to make the world go around. Apart from Bitcoin, these are some of the cryptos that marked 2019.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is closely related to Bitcoin. It is actually a Bitcoin’s fork. Bitcoin Cash is on a list of cryptos that marked 2019 due to its strong start and endurance throughout the year and the expansion of Simple Ledge Protocol (SLP).

At the beginning of 2019, Bitcoin Cash had the price of $135 and quickly moved up to $300 in April 2019. Moreover, it continued to grow and in August finally reached its peak of $480. BCH proved to be able to maintain relatively solid stability as it kept its price above $300 until recently. At the moment of writing of this text BCH has the price of $187.73.

If we take a look at BCH/USD pair trading in the past year, we will see the increase of more than 30%, which is quite good.

As for the SLP, the records show that app. 6,150 tokens have been created using the SLP framework. We can trade with them on crypto exchanges. Moreover, more and more merchants are accepting BCH. Reportedly, in 2019 there were 934 online stores, 550 brick-and-mortar- merchants and 889 other types of businesses that accepted dealing with BCH.


Litecoin is one of the alt coins that marked the astonishing increase of 40% during the entire 2019. However, its price kept fluctuating a lot. Therefore, we consider LTC to be highly volatile in nature. At the beginning of 2019 LTC had the price of $32. It quickly increased to $142 in June 2019. However, it has been in decline since then and at the time of writing of this text, its price is $40.20.

Nevertheless, Litecoin is one of the fastest crypto currencies and has therefore, secured its place on our list. Speed is one of the main advantages of payments in cryptos. As we wrote before, it facilitates the transfers and reduces the transaction costs to the very minimum. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest cryptos and the 4th cryptocurrency by market capitalization. We also explored the interesting details about Litecoin during 2019 and wrote about it on our blog.


There are many reasons why Ether (ETH) is one of the most desirable coins to trade with. Ethereum network has proved its reliability and continues to keep steady. Ethereum blockchain network has become the basis of many businesses that continue to run successfully. From blockchain-based gaming to building entire “smart cities”.

Ethereum is to thank for two main benefits we enjoy today. Firstly, Ethereum ecosystem issues ERC-20 tokens. Secondly, it provides for smart contracts. These are digital contracts that make transactions easier, while making the process automated, encrypted and top-notch secure.

ETH started the year with the price of $116 and ending at (at least on this day) $127.80. Ether reached its peak in June with the price of $334.66, making the yearly increase of 20%.

In overall, Ethereum caught up with the audience. There were reportedly more than 20 million ETH accounts that created in 2019. Only this year, 4 million new ETH addresses appeared.

We suppose you have your favorite crypto accepted casino. What about your favorite crypto for the upcoming 2020?

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