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Some things are eternal. Such as love, family or diamonds – depending on who you ask. However, there are artworks that transcend time. And although we can think of many different artworks that were left for humankind to admire throughout the centuries, we think that music is among the rare arts that speaks universal language. These are some of the evergreen winter holiday songs that always put a smile on our faces. Or – bring a cozy, warm feeling, especially during winter holidays. So, turn on the music, check out our New Year’s Parade promotion and enjoy!

Jingle Bells, 1960

Apart from being one of my favorites, Ella Fitzgerald’s interpretation of Jingle Bells deserves to be on our list as a true classic. Moreover, the song itself is widely known as a synonym for the Christmas atmosphere.

There is even a fun fact related to “Jingle Bells”. Apparently, this song (more precisely – its harmonica version) was the first song ever to play in outer space.

White Christmas, 1942

White Christmas shines with elegance. There is probably not a corner of this world where the song hasn’t been played. It even entered the Guinness World Records as the best-selling single of all time.

Bing Crossby at his best. Enjoy it!

The Christmas Song, 1946

The amazing, soothing voice of Nat King Cole and snowflake galore. That’s how I remember this evergreen song. Even the opening line about the chestnuts roasting on an open fire is suggestive enough to draws you to the winter scenery and warms everyone’s hearts.

Therefore, it is no wonder that this song made it to the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1974.

Let it Snow, 1948

Would there be Christmas without the voice of Frank Sinatra? I doubt it. The sounds of jazz and the hints of classy vibes he brings fill the air instantly. In case you wish to add a sparkle of the old Hollywood glamour, this song is the right choice.

Do you have a favorite winter holiday song?

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