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Bonus Bingo, the RTG Specialty Game

By January 9, 2020May 24th, 2023No Comments

Did you know that according to statistics, 96% of people who play bingo on regular basis, have won jackpots at least once? How is that for the odds? The world has gone nuts in the 16th century when Bingo was invented. The frenzy continues till this day. This is Bonus Bingo, the RTG specialty game.

Bonus Bingo Overview

The very fact that bingo game has been widely accepted for centuries tells a lot. It is very straight forward and easy to understand. Today, people around the world are playing it at various venues. Now, online bingo is even more interesting.

First of all, players are able to exchange the value of their Bingo cards with other cards of different value. This enables players to increase the winning amount once their pattern is complete.

Secondly, the game features 75 balls. Each player receives cards with 24 numbers. Once the game starts, 44 balls with numbers get drawn and each player has to mark the numbers on their cards. Previously set patterns bring payouts when completed. Online version of Bonus Bingo features the pattern table. That way, the players can check what the winning patterns are.

The more complicated patterns, the higher the payouts.

The Flow of The Game

Bonus Bingo is generally considered to be a fast and fun game that can fulfill everyone’s time without even noticing it.

Some basic rules include:

There are 4 cards displayed, which each player can switch for different cards, if he or she wishes so. Furthermore, each player can decide on the number of cards he wishes to play with. For example, if you prefer to play with just two cards, you can deactivate the other two.

Moreover, when placing a bet, the player needs to be aware of the fact that it is a requirement to place the same bet on all cards.

Multipliers and Mystery Balls of Bonus Bingo

Bonus Bingo has added features. Usually, it is all about multipliers. Namely, multiplier can multiply the winning amount. In order to put this into practice, you would need to apply the awarded multiplier to any of your cards, hoping it would form the winning pattern.

Mystery Balls triggers only when you are playing with all your cards. As the name of the feature suggests it entails the drawing of mystery balls at random. These balls award extra credits to the player.

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