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It’s Friday! We have made it to the end of the work week. If Friday night is your favorite time of the week, as well as mine, I bet you have your preferred Friday rituals. Apart from cuddling up on the couch with either coffee or beer and making friends with remote control, there are other ways to spend your time. What will you be doing this Friday night is the topic we explore today.

Spend Time Outdoors

I know there are apps for almost everything nowadays. I bet there is an app for staring at the skies as well, so as to keep you from going out. This is exactly what we think you should do. Go out and find your cozy place beneath the stars. Take someone you love and explore the skies.

Star gazing doesn’t have to be reserved for couples only. Depending on weather conditions, you can organize time with friends and family out in the open. Try snowballing, making angels, or any other activity in your backyard.

Visit People You Haven’t Seen for a While

I may be repeating myself, but this is truly important. A great number of people are constantly running the corporate hamster wheel and have no time or will to spend time with their loved ones. This is one of the biggest challenges of our days. However, it doesn’t mean that we have to simply give up on them.

Friday night may be one of the rare moments to surprise both yourself and the persons you haven’t seen for a while. Catch up with them and the happenings in their lives. Share the joy of having them in your lives. Regardless of how seldom you see each other, there must be a person with whom you can share thoughts, dreams, insights without any prejudices or second thoughts. Call that person today.

Invite Friends to Come Over

I know you are all grown up for pajama party. However, hopefully you are not too old for let’s say – playing a board game with friends or watching your favorite movie or TV shows together.

Alternatively, you can always spice things up with playing the games you create yourself. There must be something you liked to do when you were younger. Recreate the game with your friends switching the game theme with more adult-oriented one and have fun. Go retro! “Truth or dare” is the good example of a game that you can play as adult as well.

Never Lose the Sense of Play

Whatever you do, never loose the sense of play. If you are a good player, you will know how to navigate the storms in life. The whole world is a playground. Play with ideas, creativity, opportunities, friends. Above all, try to keep the sense of play in the positive context and refer to it as an activity from which something good comes out. This is the essence of every game. So, keep the flame alive.

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Have a great weekend and if you have a chance, tell us how you like to spend Friday nights.

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